Registration Open: Cloud Block Store for Azure Beta

Cloud Block Store for Azure Beta Program

We are excited to announce our new Cloud Block Store for Azure Beta Program.  Pure Storage® is selecting candidates to participate in the beta of Pure’s latest innovation.

There is a simple two-step process to be considered for the beta.

Step 1:  Complete the form on this page. 

Step 2:  Complete the required beta participation criteria survey.  You will receive an email with a link to the survey when you complete step 1.

About The Beta Program

Note that access to the beta is limited and not all applicants will be accepted. Once we’ve received your survey response, you will be notified of project timelines.  

This beta program is limited to non-production workloads only. Production workloads are not allowed on the instances that are used for testing the software. This is pre-release software and as such issues may be encountered that prevent data access or cause loss of data.

In addition, participation in the beta will require usage of - Azure compute instances, cloud storage of various types, and depending on the configuration there may be cross availability zones data transfer costs and egress costs.

Beta participants must sign Pure's beta evaluation agreement and be willing to commit multiple hours per week utilizing and testing the software and meeting with Pure Storage to discuss their use cases and experiences.

We look forward to receiving your survey.