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Pure and On-cloud

On-Cloud Drives Satisfaction After Moving Hosted SAP Applications to Pure

Managed service provider dramatically improves application performance for customers.


On-Cloud, an emerging managed-services provider, is convincing small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico that moving their applications to the cloud has significant advantages, and it is finding satisfied believers thanks to Pure Storage. Adding an all-flash Pure array has produced dramatically improved application performance for customers, while simplifying storage management and keeping capital and operating expenses low for the start-up cloud provider.


  • Technology


  • Latin America

Use Cases

  • Database – Microsoft® SQL Server®
  • Business Intelligence – SAP® Business One
  • VSI – VMware® vSphere®



To provide high levels of service, On-Cloud has invested in building the most reliable infrastructure it can, while still operating within the financial limitations of a start-up company.

  • Provide high reliability and availability so customers see the proven value of cloud services.
  • Minimize operating costs and focus headcount on customer-facing activities.
  • Maintain a small footprint in the data center.


Business Transformation

On-Cloud customers report dramatically improved performance on their hosted applications, providing success stories for a young company evangelizing the proven benefits of cloud computing.

IT Transformation

  • Customers see dramatically improved performance; database restores cut from 4 hours to 40 minutes.
  • Data reduction rates of almost 9:1 allow more customers to be moved onto high-performance flash storage.
  • Storage management requires virtually no time, freeing up staff to better serve customers.


導入事例 VVols と FlashArray の導入で VM 運用負荷とデータを大幅削減


東映アニメーション: オールフラッシュ・ストレージで TCO 大幅低減


日本中央競馬会(JRA): ピュア・ストレージで IT 基盤をオールフラッシュ化


三菱 UFJ モルガン・スタンレー 証券:ピュア・ストレージの 導入で、株取引執行システム、 バックアップ/リストアを高速化


毎日新聞社: ピュア・ストレージの導入で 全社用仮想化基盤の性能を改善


古いブラウザには、セキュリティ・リスクが存在する場合があります。ピュア・ストレージの Web サイトをより快適にご利用いただけるよう、最新のブラウザにアップデートしてください。