Power Genomic Solutions with a Modern Data Experience

Power Genomic Solutions with a Modern Data Experience
Life sciences organizations choose genomic data management solutions from Pure Storage® to experience the simplicity, power, and scalability of a single data platform for every stage of genomic analysis.

Speed Discovery with Effortless Genomic Data Management

Genomic sequencing is revolutionizing scientific discovery. With faster, more affordable technologies, life sciences organizations are generating hundreds of terabytes of genomic data per month, and it’s estimated that genomics will generate up to 40 exabytes of data per year by 2025. Data infrastructure requirements will continue to grow as artificial intelligence (AI) gets deployed to analyze genomic data for population health and predictive diagnostics.

Run Your Entire Genomics Pipeline on a Single Platform

Purpose-built for high performance computing, Pure FlashBlade® delivers consistently fast and streamlined performance at every stage in genomic workflows.

With FlashBlade, life sciences organizations gain the advantage of:

  • Single storage that handles both small and large files
  • Petabytes of throughput and fast access to hundreds of millions of files
  • Up to 24x secondary faster analyses compared to traditional disk-based environments—proven ability to assemble genomes within hours on a single dynamic platform built for parallel processing
  • Data integrity and time savings by eliminating copy operations across storage environments and hence removing the chance of copy errors
  • Freedom from downtime
  • Peace of mind with immutable snapshots of data backups

“There’s no point in playing with traditional storage because it’s just not fast enough. With Pure Storage FlashBlade, we can stay ahead of the curve as we fight global threats to human health.”

McMaster University
Andrew G. McArthur, Ph.D.

Deploy AI across Your Genomics Data

Scientific research organizations are expanding the use of AI and machine learning across vast volumes of genomics data for predictive diagnostics, as well as to glean insights at the scale of population health. 

With FlashStack® and AIRI®, you can extend your genomics pipeline to support AI initiatives while still using FlashBlade as the single data storage hub for genomics. Turnkey, purpose-built AI solutions, both FlashStack and AIRI, are designed to meet you wherever your data lives—on-premises or on multi-cloud.

Enjoy Flexibility and Growth with Subscription-Based Approaches

As data from genomic sequencing and analytics grows, life sciences organizations need future-ready and cost-effective technology strategies.

Pure as-a-Service™ unifies on-premises and public cloud storage resources in a single data storage subscription for a true hybrid cloud experience—transforming technology investments into an OPEX expenditure, rather than a capital investment. With Pure Evergreen Storage™, you’ll benefit from  upgrades to controllers, array software, and flash storage—with no hidden costs or surprises. You’ll also gain non-disruptive upgrades and no downtime to support time-sensitive scientific research, along with  the most up-to-date tools to protect genomics data and workflows.

Trust in Proven Performance and Support

Pure Storage provides data storage for scientific research organizations worldwide, including leading research universities, scientific institutes, contract research organizations, and biotechnology companies. Pure Storage is consistently named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, affirming the company’s position as a leading, all-flash data platform vendor. With a Net Promoter Score of 85.2, which puts Pure in the top 1% of all B2B businesses, Pure’s customers are among the happiest in the world.

"Pure Storage technologies offer speed, stability, and security for analyzing medical data."

Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Chang-Fu Kuo,
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