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Sip Back & Relax: Find Freedom to Innovate with Professional Services

In this month’s session, we will discuss how you can speed up the transformation to your Modern Data Experience™ with help from Pure experts.
This webinar first aired on 2022/07/20
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Greg Fountain

Senior Director, Professional Services, Pure Services

For IT types with technology in their blood, exploring new hacks and use cases can be as much fun as getting a beer with friends. So why not do both? Please join us for Craft Brews and FlashCrew, our monthly webinar series featuring practical tips for hands-on IT pros! We’ll share a few tech updates, applications, and best practices to do more with your Pure solution—along with some craft beer to enjoy after the session. 

In this month’s session, we will discuss how you can speed up the transformation to your Modern Data Experience™ with help from Pure experts. From non-disruptive upgrades and on-site installations to remote technical support, Pure Storage offers a variety of IT professional services tailored to help you evaluate, activate, and innovate as you transform your data systems. Tune in to this special edition of Craft Brews and FlashCrew to listen, learn, and sip back and relax with our Pure Professional Service Specialists!


The first 200 participants to register and attend will receive one (1) craft beer box set (approximate value $35). Non-alcoholic alternatives are available upon request by the Participant. Please drink responsibly. Participants who attend and participate in the Event will be entered into a random drawing that will be conducted during or after the Event.  The winner of the random drawing will receive one (1) [Pure Storage 64oz Insulated Growler (approx. value $58). The winning Participant will be identified during the Event or within a reasonable amount of time after the Event.

FlashArray//X テストドライブ

ピュア・ストレージ FlashArray™ //X の管理を体験していただけるセルフサービス環境をご用意しております。 スナップショット、レプリケーション、ActiveCluster などの高度な機能をはじめ、VMware との統合機能もお試しいただけます。

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