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Ringing in 2022 with an Overhauled Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Strategy

Ransomware attacks are everywhere, they are unrelenting, they can be catastrophically disruptive, and they are expensive in every sense. All that ransomware places data protection and disaster recovery atop the priority list for both IT departments and C-level executives.
This webinar first aired on 2021/12/15
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  • バックアップとリカバリ
  • ランサムウェア
  • エンタープライズ・データ保護
  • FlashBlade

Lucas Bobroff

Principal Data Architect, Pure Storage

That makes improving data protection and disaster recovery strategies a key resolution for almost everyone in 2022. Attend this MegaCast to get a jump start on that resolution. This unique event gives you one place to go to hear from several top DR and data protection technology providers.

As ransomware has ratcheted up the urgency of disaster recovery and data protection, these providers have been innovating flat out to match, and oftentimes exceed, the pace of the threat.

Don’t miss this chance to make sure your data protection and DR planning for 2022 includes the latest technology and the best ideas from top experts.

FlashBlade のテストドライブ - データ保護

モダン・ストレージのテストドライブ - ランサムウェア攻撃からのリカバリ

ランサムウェア対策は万全ですか? FlashBlade® は、最大 270 TB/時のデータ・リカバリが可能なペタバイトスケールの性能を提供します。管理プラットフォーム Pure1 のセルフサービス・インスタンスをテストドライブでお試しください。

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