Pure Good


The Pure Good Foundation was established in 2015 with an employee-approved stock grant to continue and deepen employee engagement in our communities around the world.  The foundation operates with the mission to accelerate positive change by harnessing the power of people, technology, and community to uplift youth through education-based initiatives. To date, the foundation has funded initiatives like Aim High, an initiative to expand opportunities for low-income middle school students and their teachers through a free summer learning and enrichment program, and the Prince's Trust in the UK that helps 13 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives.

The foundation divides its philanthropic efforts across three areas:

  • Investing in Innovation. Innovation is a core value of Pure Storage, and by extension the foundation invests in innovative solutions to pressing problems facing youth.
  • Global Interest Grants. Focused on our core value of teamwork, funding is provided to Pure Storage teams of five or more employees to support initiatives of their choosing and may include grants to fundraise for other organizations, undertake team building activities, or provide direct community assistance. 
  • Hands On Volunteerism. Pure Good matches Pure Storage employees with youth-based organizations that are local to where they live and work across the globe. Matches are made between needs identified by these organizations and the appropriate skill set of Pure employees.

Pure Good Empowers At-Risk Youth

Helping youth achieve success.

Pure Good supports the transformative power of education-based initiatives that provide access to quality learning opportunities to best equip disadvantaged youth for achievement in today’s fast-paced, competitive world. Employing a unique three-fold approach of volunteerism, supporting innovative best practices, and grantmaking, the foundation operates with the belief that by investing in youth who live where Pure Storage employees live and work, real-life opportunities can be launched while building lifelong relationships with tomorrow’s workforce.

Apply for Funding and Assistance

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis and inquiries are invited throughout the year. If your organization engages with youth or education and you believe that your organization would be a good fit for Pure Storage employee volunteerism or if you have an innovative project that needs support, please reach out to Nicole Johnson at njohnson@purestorage.com with a brief description of your program or project to determine whether your request fits with the foundation’s guidelines. If so, applicants will be invited to submit a formal proposal.


Pure Good is proud to partner with Team4Tech on our Pureservice4Good projects, which are leadership development opportunities through immersive service projects. Watch our video of our recent project in Capetown, South Africa.


Watch the impact Pure Good made during our second project with the LEAP Schools through our Pureservice4Good project. Thank you to everyone who supported this incredible work!

Board of Directors

John Hayes

Founder & Chief Architect, Pure Storage. John co-founded Pure Storage in 2009 after years working in computer engineering for Yahoo!, Bix.com, and Forterra Inc. John serves as president of the Pure Good Foundation Board of Directors.

Joe Fitzgerald

Vice-President and General Counsel, Pure Storage. A Silicon Valley veteran, Joe joined the Pure team in 2013 following 12 years at Symantec where he served as Senior Vice-President of Legal and Public Affairs and oversaw the Symantec Foundation.  In addition to his service in the board of Pure Good, Joe serves as a board member of the LOT Network.

Kelly Esrey

Training & Sales Enablement, PureIQ Global Training, Pure Storage. Kelly spent five years working with the Sharks Foundation, the official charity arm of the San Jose Sharks, before joining Pure Storage in 2013 and later helping establish the Pure Good Foundation. Kelly has also served as Chair of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area’s Professional Advisory Council in Silicon Valley since 2013.