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Evergreen//Forever: Your Subscription to Innovation

Evergreen//Forever: Your Subscription to Innovation
Pure helps you reimagine what owning storage should be. With an Evergreen//Forever™ subscription for your traditional storage purchase, you can harness rapid software, hardware, and flash innovation—annually or more often—with no need to wait for a four- or five-year refresh cycle like you would with legacy storage. Buy storage once and run it virtually forever.

Always The Latest Enterprise-class Features

Evergreen//Forever™ delivers a subscription to Pure’s ever-improving capabilities across hardware, software, and world-class customer experience. With an Evergreen//Forever subscription, all array software updates are included—even new features. And your hardware can be upgraded both on a regular schedule and on-demand, when you need it.

With an all-inclusive software subscription, you gain the advantage of always-improving, enterprise-grade data services, including built-in data replication and ransomware protection. As new array features and capabilities are added, you always have the latest features, without taking another budget hit.

Your subscription also includes Portworx® CSI, delivering persistent storage for your Kubernetes applications, and AI-based intelligent management via Pure1®, for full-stack, AI-powered data storage management, monitoring, and planning.

Evergreen//Forever Subscription



Software Subscription

All-inclusive array software

Future array software features

Hardware Subscription

Evergreen architecture (stateless, software-driven, modular)

Ever Modern included controller/blade upgrades

Ever Agile** on-demand controller/blade upgrades

Capacity Consolidation** anytime flash upgrade

Forever Component Replacement

World-class Customer Experience

Right Size Guarantee* on effective capacity

Love Your Storage 30-day money back guarantee

Proactive & Predictive Support (premium response & break/fix SLAs, instant L2 access)

Support-managed upgrades

Flat and Fair subscription renewals

* See Evergreen//Forever Subscription Terms. Right Size Guarantee™ available on FlashArray//X and FlashArray//XL
** Requires purchase of qualifying capacity. See Evergreen//Forever Subscription Terms

Your Storage Stays Ever Modern, Forever

An Evergreen//Forever hardware subscription includes multiple ways to keep your Pure FlashArray™ and FlashBlade//S up-to-date and performing.

With Evergreen//Forever Ever Modern, your FlashArray and FlashBlade//S can be upgraded with the latest generation controllers or blades with every three-year subscription renewal.

This isn’t a vague promise of a trade-in credit to be named later. You get brand new controllers and blades with the latest processors and hardware technology. Think of it as a modernisation insurance policy, ensuring that you stay modern without the forklift upgrade and re-buy that your old legacy storage required. Only Evergreen//Forever treats your hardware purchase like a true subscription, covering your full array, for 10+ years.

“Evergreen offers an ideal subscription model that gives us priceless peace of mind."
- Rodrigo Gonçalves, CIO, UISA.

Keep Your Storage Ever Agile

If you need to upgrade sooner, our on-demand upgrade for FlashArray and FlashBlade//S, Ever Agile, lets you upgrade to higher-model and latest-generation controllers or blades at any time–and as many times as you like–during your ongoing subscription. Ever Agile provides you the agility to meet the needs of your growing workloads, as well as unplanned events that demand more performance and capacity quickly. You’ll get full-value trade-in for your old controllers and blades toward new ones, with all the extra capacity headroom and performance you need.

“Pure’s Evergreen protects our investment while giving us the ability to upgrade storage on demand in increasingly dynamic situations, without disrupting the business.”
- Tim Ryan, CIO, Aegis Sciences.

Unlike with legacy storage, Pure’s Evergreen architecture means no planned downtime, no data migration, and no performance hits, regardless of what you upgrade or expand. Even your existing flash storage will work with the new controllers and blades. Evergreen//Forever eliminates storage re-buys, providing you a TCO savings of up to 60% versus legacy storage. 

“Working with Pure takes all the pain away. With Evergreen, they manage everything and allow us to use the hardware the way we want it. We’ve been through three nondisruptive upgrades together, are about to embark on another, and have had 100% uptime since 2015” - Lloyd Clarke, Virtualisation Lead, Ordnance Survey.

Capacity Consolidation

Evergreen//Forever’s Capacity Consolidation helps you keep up with advances in flash technology without rebuying capacity. As you grow, you can move from older flash to newer, denser media (non-disruptively, of course) at any time you choose, with trade-in credits for the capacity you’re upgrading. You don’t have to re-buy terabytes to take advantage of denser media or move toward new flash technologies over time. You can decrease the size of the array at the same time that you are expanding it, which helps protect your investments as you modernise flash media over time. And there are no limits on the number of times you can use this upgrade during your subscription.

Forever Component Replacement

With Forever Component Replacement, you’re protected from any failures, including flash wear, by replacing components, even proactively before failure, with like or better ones, as long as your Evergreen//Forever subscription is current.

Agile Storage for Your Changing Needs

Evergreen//Forever goes beyond a couple guarantees or a one-time investment protection credit to make your storage truly ageless and agile. You always have the ability to upgrade to the latest technology, without having to rip, replace, and rebuy. And Pure customers have proven how reliable their storage is on an Evergreen/Forever subscription. We’ve delivered over 10,000 controller upgrades, and over 97% of all Pure arrays five years and older are still in service today.

“Evergreen makes our life easier. We get access to the latest storage innovations without having to go through a costly and risky migration.” - Remon Hollebeek, Head of Infrastructure Services, LUMC.

World-class Customer Experience

Along with keeping your storage modern and agile, Evergreen improves how you purchase storage. Pure’s Right Size Guarantee™ eliminates guesswork, guaranteeing that you have the effective capacity you need.

With Pure’s Love Your Storage Guarantee™, if you aren’t happy, return the array within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked.

Premium-level Proactive and Predictive Support

Pure delivers a white-glove support experience, for which other vendors charge a premium. Get peace of mind with predictive analytics powered by AI and services, support-managed upgrades, mobile and SaaS-based monitoring, on-site break/fix, first-call access to L2 support, included educational resources, and much more.

Our AI and data analysis algorithms work to predict potentially dangerous issues before they become problems. Pure Technical Services proactively identifies problems—70% of our service engagements start with us calling you or opening a trouble ticket on your behalf.

Flat & Fair Subscription Renewal

Keep your subscription renewal rates predictable, no matter how long you choose to renew for. Evergreen//Forever’s Flat & Fair guarantees the base subscription rate won’t increase. And since all array components are guaranteed for as long as you are on Evergreen//Forever, you don’t have to worry about not getting replacements in the future. This is what we mean when we say that you can buy your storage once and run it for 10+ years—just as other Pure customers already have.

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