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High-performing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers require storage that can not only keep up, but drive business expansion and reduce churn. That’s where we come in.

Increase Revenues and Lower Costs With SaaS Solutions

Drive your gross margins up with the performance and efficiency of Pure all-flash solutions – tailor-made to help you thrive amid today’s many challenges. See how we do it.

We Turbo-charge Apps for Businesses in
SaaS Industries

SaaS is a competitive, fast-moving industry. Pure's modern data experience drives your business with consistent all-flash performance and efficient DevOps solutions – all while driving down costs.

SaaS Solution Advance Service Levels

Advance Service Levels

Power business expansion, reduce churn, meet your SLAs with FlashArray 99.9999% delivered availability, consistent <1ms latency, non-disruptive operations, always-on QoS, and data-at-rest encryption. Pair that with fast backup and restore via FlashBlade, and give your databases unrivaled resiliency.

SaaS Industries Accelerate Time to Revenue

Accelerate Time to Revenue

Accelerate everything: get to market faster with more SW releases per year, and enhanced analytics. Enjoy efficient DevOps with instant zero-overhead snapshots, and process automations via a comprehensive REST API, SDKs, and integrations. Stop wasting time with infrastructure.

SaaS Solutions achieve operational advantage

Achieve Operational Advantage

Pure's solutions deliver operational advantage by driving down both OPEX and CAPEX IT costs. Enjoy the SaaS-like software and flash innovation of Pure Evergreen™ Storage for a decade or more, with TCO that’s dramatically less than the competition.

SaaS Based Solutions for Cost Savings and
Business Benefits

Forrester reports SaaS organisations earned an ROI of 208% with FlashArray and Evergreen™ Storage.

Paylocity’s Pure Advantage

A leading provider of cloud-based payroll and human capital management SaaS solutions, Paylocity has experienced dramatic growth by staying ahead of the technology curve. Paylocity leverages Pure solutions to drive performance, accelerate development, increase uptime, and improve quality assurance. Take a look.

Predictable, Secure, and Resilient Database Services, Delivered

Pure's modern data experience helps you effortlessly manage fast growing volumes of data from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server while delivering consistent service levels. See your business accelerate time to revenue with secure database operations while streamlining back-end software development processes.

Secure database operations with SaaS solutions

Our Customers Put Us in the Top 1%

The comprehensive simplicity of our products and our undying commitment to customer satisfaction have generated many loyal fans. With a Satmetrix-validated 2018 NPS score of 86.6, we’re in the top 1% of businesses in customer satisfaction.

Pure Storage's 2017 Satmetrix-Validated NPS Score is 83.7

Your Business, Accelerated with SaaS Based Solutions

Hundreds of SaaS customers have already benefited from the transformational effects of Pure Storage.

Health Catalyst had volumes of data growing at 40-50% a year with legacy storage that was unable to handle growing workloads and was complex to manage. Moving to Pure allowed them to deliver real-time information to clinicians, improving patient care, lowering costs and simplifying IT management.

With a complex global data environment and stringent SLAs, Cornerstone needed consistency, speed, and non-disruptive operations from their storage – but also seamless storage maintenance and flexible capacity expansion. They turned to Pure.

DevOps drives One Network’s cloud business platform, but their previous environment was impeding productivity. Where terabyte database copies were taking 1-2 days to complete, switching to Pure enabled copies in 15-20 mins and opened the door to new initiatives.

“The introduction of the Pure Storage platform has massively reduced our operational challenges, while giving us valuable time for daily operational tasks.”

John Lucas, Director of IT and Operations
ASE Global

“Thanks to Pure’s scalable capacity, our SaaS-based services are assured of uninterrupted uptime, which is critical to meeting our customers’ demanding SLAs.”

Ray Nichols, Senior Database Administrator
Geographic Solutions

“As our company continues to grow, it is reassuring to know that we have a storage solution that will keep pace with, and indeed enhance, our future development.”

Martin Borjesson, ICT Manager
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