Cloudsnap: Effortless Cloud Backup

Deploy easy, affordable cloud backup that doesn’t add complexity. Purity CloudSnap™ delivers: cloud backup and efficient array- and volume-level recovery that’s not only effortless, but cost-effective.

Expand Your Cloud Backup Options

Better address your data protection needs with quick restores for low RTO & RPO, compliance, and longer-term backup for volume-level restores. CloudSnap provides cloud-based data protection, built into Pure FlashArray™. Effortless and efficient cloud backup enables off-premises flexibility, longer-term retention, multiple recovery scenarios, and lower costs.

Cloud Backup and Restore, Simplified

Implement a backup process that can be as simple as creating a snapshot schedule from the FlashArray GUI and choose FlashBlade™, another NFS device, or an S3 target. Done. To restore, simply select any snapshot. You can even perform VM-level backups and restores with vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols) integration in FlashArray.

Built-in Cloud Protection

CloudSnap is built into Purity and included with your Evergreen subscription – it doesn’t require a separate licence, additional software, or extra hardware.

Purity: Built-in Cloud Backup for FlashArray

Monitor Portable Snapshots Globally

Manage your data protection solution more easily. Pure1® enables you to monitor all your snapshots with a global snapshot catalogue – whether they reside on FlashArray, FlashBlade, an NFS target, or in the public cloud.

Pure1: Global Snapshot Management

Drive Rapid Restore with Flashblade

Cloud provides flexible and efficient off-premises back-up, but for applications that require rapid restore on-premises, there’s FlashBlade. Use its high performance, scale-out data hub as a highly effective target for your critical application snapshots while consolidating and accelerating other workloads like analytics and DevOps.

FlashBlade: Data Hub for Rapid Restore

Cloud Backup – at Lower Cost

Maximise the cloud’s potential for backup and disaster recovery. To date, cloud backup and recovery hasn’t been cheap: software licenses, data transport, ongoing cloud storage, and incremental hardware add up. CloudSnap lowers bandwidth usage and transfer costs with portable snapshots that are efficient, compressed, and – after the initial baseline snap – incremental.

CloudSnap: Lower Cost Cloud Backup

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True hybrid cloud operations are now within reach. Free your apps from any one cloud, and develop them faster. Cloud storage solutions from Pure help you build your cloud, run your apps anywhere, and protect your data everywhere.

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