Innovation Starts Here: Introducing Pure as-a-Service

Introducing Pure as-a-Service*

Get Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) for on-premises and public cloud —from the company that unifies hybrid clouds with a single subscription.

* Formerly Evergreen Subscription Service (ES2)

Services for Every Data Center and Every Workload

Change is the only constant. Pure as-a-Service delivers the proven power and flexibility of industry-leading data storage for any data center and any data - hybrid, on-prem, or cloud-only. Block, file, or object storage.

On-Prem Block Service

Get block storage infrastructure installed on-premises and consumed on-demand.

Cloud Block Store

Turbocharge your AWS environment with Pure as-a-Service running in conjunction with AWS.

On-Prem File Service

Scale to petabytes and get file storage that automatically distributes workload and capacity.

Storage-as-a-Service Simplified

With unpredictable data growth and shifting service-level agreements (SLAs), IT leaders need a data storage solution that simplifies today’s chaos. The result: you’ll get performance and capacity for any scale in the years to come.

One Subscription for Everything

Unify your hybrid cloud and transform your data center into a highly efficient storage utility with a straightforward subscription. No lock-ins, no gimmicks.

Only Pay For What You Use

Your workload requirements change. Pure as-a-Service gives you the flexibility to grow and shrink your usage as the workloads require it.

Spin Up a Hybrid Cloud, Instantly

Migrate your applications to the cloud — and  seamlessly develop and run your applications across your hybrid cloud with AWS.

Pure1 AI-based STaaS Management Included

Manage your fleet with one set of Pure1® orchestration, storage management, VM analytics and AI-based predictive support tools. Pure1® is available from your Pure-as-a-Service Subscription Dashboard.

Empowering Partners & Customers Applications

You’ll find Pure as-a-Service in use across petabyte-scale use cases including MSPs, SaaS, government, healthcare - and much more:


Keep your data on-prem and/or act as an MSP for other agencies.


Drive down OpEx with a low-touch storage utility.


Get a complete STaaS stack built for zero planned downtime. Result: Drive profitable growth.


Fit seamlessly into your SaaS business—and simplify your data storage environment.

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