Storage Ownership with Flex Appeal

An Evergreen//Flex™  subscription provides the freedom to own your storage and the flexibility of consumption economics, based on asset utilization. Optimise storage operations across your fleet while lowering upfront costs.

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Innovative, Flexible Storage Ownership

Gain the advantages of storage ownership with fleet-level capacity, mobility, and billing—all in a flexible subscription, based on utilization of purchased capacity. Simplify your storage with AIOps-driven management, reduce upfront investment, and improve asset utilization across your fleet versus a traditional storage purchase.

Flexible Ownership on Your Terms

Evergreen//Flex means you maintain complete ownership of your storage asset with a lower upfront cost and a flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription. Optimise investments by being able to match expenses to resources more closely while freeing up capital for other projects to help your organisation do more.

Optimised Storage, One Fleet at a Time

Unlock stranded capacity to respond to changes in user demand quickly with data pack mobility. Scale up and shift capacity to where the workload is without downtime or the need to secure large upgrade budgets. Simplify operations with fleet-level, AIOps-driven management, so you can drive operational excellence across your fleet from Day One.

Experience the Evergreen Difference

Get full investment protection as you grow and modernise with Pure’s proven Evergreen™ architecture extended to your entire fleet. This means no downtime, no re-buys, no data migrations, and no forklift upgrades–ever.

Think Twice About Your Storage Vendor

Pure Storage is named a Leader in two Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ reports.

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What is a flexible storage ownership subscription?

A flexible ownership subscription combines features of a traditional storage purchase with a consumption model. Similar to a traditional purchase, the storage is owned and maintained by the user. Unlike traditional purchases, the user pays based on their utilization of storage capacity via a subscription. Customers can increase the amount of storage they would like to consume at any time as their needs evolve. This subscription also includes hardware upgrades and SaaS-delivered software updates designed to keep  storage modern. This unique consumption model allows for lower upfront costs and better asset utilization for organisations that need to maintain ownership of their IT infrastructure based on business or regulatory need.

People also ask:

1. How does site level billing optimisation work?

Evergreen//Flex subscription pools all arrays with the same controller model (e.g., FlashArray X50), deployed at a single install location as a singular endpoint for capacity usage and billing optimisation. The reserve commit and on-demand usage is calculated at the pool level instead of at an individual array level. This helps reduce the impact of on-demand usage fluctuations for a single array and also simplifies the invoicing/billing process.

2. What is data pack mobility?

Data pack mobility gives customers the freedom to move storage capacity—non-disruptively—between compatible arrays with active Evergreen//Flex subscriptions. This industry-first capability enables customers to optimise their fleet and reduce spend by moving capacity to the workload.

3. What is the reserve commit and on-demand usage?

Reserve commit refers to the amount of storage capacity that a customer subscribes to as part of the Evergreen//Flex subscription. The reserve commit must meet the minimum level specified for the chosen hardware configuration and can be increased anytime during the Evergreen//Flex contract term. The reserve commit is billed in advance at the corresponding Reserve Rate.

On-demand usage is the capacity consumed above the reserve commitment and is billed in arrears at the corresponding on-demand rate.

4. What other subscriptions are offered by Pure Storage?

Evergreen//One delivers a single storage service for your data providing the economics of public cloud with the reliability of on-premises. Subscribe to the capacity, performance, and service level you need on your terms.


Evergreen//Forever offers a traditional storage purchasing option where customers own and retain their hardware with a subscription to continuous software and hardware upgrades. Buy your storage once and run it virtually forever.

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