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Take control with Pure1®, the most advanced application-aware storage management platform. Get global insight and simplicity from self-managed infrastructure.

Pure1 storage management for data storage insights

Be Application Aware with Pure1

Pure1 transforms complex enterprise storage infrastructures into simple self-managed environments. With its comprehensive suite of features, Pure1 lets you effortlessly monitor, analyse, plan, and manage enterprise storage across hybrid clouds.

Move to a Modern Data Experience™

Pure1 provides a single view to monitor, analyse, and optimise your storage from anywhere in the world. Manage snapshots and protection policies. Get alerts and world-class support directly from your phone.

Monitor and analyse your data storage

See into the Future

Eliminate downtime, overspending, and spend significantly less time resolving complex issues. Powered by artificial intelligence and combined with industry-leading proactive support, Pure1 Meta® can identify more than 70% of potential problems before a customer can be impacted.

Predictive data storage capacity

Put Your Plans Into Action

Easily subscribe, manage, and renew services for your hybrid cloud directly from the Pure1 Service Catalogue. Get 100% non-disruptive upgrades with zero downtime, automate deployments, and save time developing apps with Pure REST APIs.

Renew your data storage management services with Pure1

What is storage management?

Storage management encompasses all the processes and technologies used to manage the resources, software, and hardware that make up a data storage system. It involves striking the optimal balance between costs, performance, and capacity while ensuring the availability, resiliency, and security of the data that powers an increasingly digital world.

People also ask:

1. What are the benefits of storage management?

By leveraging storage management software, you can:

  • Keep the data powering your business fast, reliable, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Make your IT team’s jobs easier with automation, analytics, and a simplified management dashboard.
  • Reduce capital expenses (CAPEX) by maximising the capacity and performance of existing storage capacity so you don’t have to purchase more.
  • Reduce operational expenses (OPEX*) by only paying for the storage capacity your business currently needs.

*OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review.


2. What is Pure1?

Pure1 is a cloud-based storage management platform that gives you a single pane of glass to manage all your storage arrays. The cloud service provides critical insight into your technology stack, including a topology view to simplify VM troubleshooting. Pure1 gives you everything you need to manage all your Pure arrays from anywhere with just a web browser or the app.

3. What is Pure1 Meta?

Pure1 Meta is the AI-driven full-stack analytics platform behind Pure’s self-driving storage management system. Meta leverages machine learning and the accumulated real-time call-home data of a global fleet of cloud-connected arrays to provide predictive analytics at scale. With Meta, it’s possible to forecast and troubleshoot data storage issues before they occur.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“The Pure1 VM Analytics tool allows me to look at a VM and see the storage path and know exactly what’s happening. It tells you what the host is doing, and what the storage is doing.”

Jim Wild
R&D Infrastructure Operations - IT, Navis

“The automation features of Pure1—and the fact that I can manage the Pure arrays from my phone—make it a key feature.”

Michael Clarkson
Infrastructure Manager, Booster
Pure1 VM Analytics storage management screenshot

Introducing the Pure1 Service Catalogue

Simplify scoping, pricing, quoting, ordering, and installing the infrastructure your applications need.

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