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Boost Game Development Performance and Infrastructure

Leverage Pure Storage solutions for rapid video game development and highly reliable, high-performance gaming infrastructure.


Let the Games Begin!

Leading video game companies rely on Pure to deliver bulletproof, low-latency game infrastructure. Game developers thrive on Pure’s massively parallel, high-performance file and object storage. And it’s all easy to use, container-friendly, and available as a service.

Power Up Game Developer Productivity

Game development thrives on the performance of FlashBlade//S™ and its unified fast file and object storage platform. Optimal for use with popular development tools, like Perforce, Subversion, and IBM Rational ClearCase, teams enjoy faster workspace creation, rapid access to files, and speedier build times. Easily handle the most massive gaming workflows.

High Performance Gaming Infrastructure

Slow performance and lag mean a poor user experience. Pure FlashArray™ high-performance, all NVMe storage helps ensure your customers are happy and continue to play. Industry-leading data reduction and efficiency drive down costs for power, rack space, and cooling.

Scalable, Persistent Kubernetes Storage

Containers dramatically reduce the time required to build massive game environments. Portworx® provides container-granular storage, disaster recovery, data security, multi-cloud migrations, and more. Containers and databases as a service simplify operations.

Future Proof Storage as a Service

Gaming trends can be hard to predict—and so can your storage usage. Avoid over- or under-buying with Evergreen//One™, which bills on actual consumption. Acquire block, file, or object storage, or even a full stack of compute, networking, and storage with FlashStack as-a-Service.

Reliable Storage, Rapid Data Recovery

Reliability is critical for both game and dev infrastructure. Zero RPO/RTO mandates are common. Ransomware is an ever-present threat. Pure helps with business continuity and rapid recovery solutions. Combine this with AI-driven predictive support, and Pure is the ideal platform for keeping your players playing.

Why should video game developers consider Pure Storage?

Performance and reliability are key requirements for game development and infrastructure, and Pure delivers on both counts. Add to that a heavy focus on container- and automation-friendly storage management. Pure provides the ideal platform for delivering better game development outcomes along with high-performance, low-latency game play infrastructure that keeps customers happy. There’s a reason that five of the top ten gaming companies work with Pure.

People also ask:

1. How can video game development benefit from storage as a service?

The gaming industry is unpredictable. Trends appear that require a shift or expansion in your development strategy. Social media suddenly drives huge numbers of new users to a game, stressing the infrastructure. In this environment, purchasing storage can be a challenge. You may end up over-buying and wasting valuable budget, or under-buying and suffering capacity and performance shortfalls. How do you prepare for the unexpected? Storage as-a-service lets you buy what you need today and easily expand or shrink as market conditions change. All paid on an as-you-use-it basis.

2. How do modern application architectures help deliver games faster?

DevOps methodologies and containerization are essential aspects for modern video game development. Continuous collaboration leads to faster and better releases. Microservices speed innovation and provide massive scale. There are many additional benefits. Pure Storage has solutions uniquely suited for modern game development.

3. What ‘s the latest technology that can help with my video game development data infrastructure?

Gaming environments are continually expanding, as massive multi-player games and gaming universes grow in scope and popularity. All of this will put enormous performance pressure on your gaming backend and development infrastructure. When only the best performance will do, consider NVMe storage. NVMe is a transfer protocol for accessing data quickly from flash memory storage devices and represents the peak of performance in the storage industry.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“FlashBlade is easy to deploy and operate. Both our developers and administrators are satisfied with the all-flash architecture’s performance."

Jin-Hyuk Jang
Director, IT Infrastructure, NCSOFT

Test Drive FlashBlade

Experience how easy it is to manage ultra-high performance file and object storage that supercharges your game development. Test drive a self-service instance of Pure1® to manage Pure FlashBlade™, the industry's most advanced solution delivering native scale-out file and object storage.

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