Simplify Your Cloud

The Pure Storage Data Platform makes it easy to deploy, connect, and power your data in cloud architectures. Whatever your choice of cloud IT – on-premises, connected to the cloud, or as-a-service – it’s time to simplify with Pure.

Private Cloud Speed & Security

Private cloud can offer better performance, better data security, and lower cost than public cloud. The Pure Storage Data Platform offers fast and easy deployments, enterprise-class data services to all workloads, and seamless integrations that deliver automation, orchestration, and self-service for VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and OpenStack.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Hybrid cloud with Pure offers the combined benefits of all-flash enterprise private cloud alongside public cloud resources. The Data Platform enables organizations to easily connect private all-flash storage to public cloud, burst to public cloud resources, and transport data for backup, archive, or disaster recovery to public cloud infrastructure. 

True OPEX.
Private Cloud.

Evergreen™ Storage Service from Pure Storage is a 100% OPEX, pay-as-you-go* private cloud service that delivers the agility and flexibility of a utility coupled with the resiliency, security, performance, and cost-effectiveness of Tier 1 all-flash on-prem infrastructure. 

* Subject to minimum commitment


Multi-cloud solutions enable enhanced data protection methodologies. Pure Storage partners extend the native capabilities of the Data Platform in backup and recovery with a diverse and robust set of multi-cloud offerings.