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How to Optimize Your Data Services Experience

How to Optimize Your Data Services Experience
Do you experience constant interruptions with your data services because you’re struggling to find or plan for what you need? Do you have to access multiple tools or workspaces to make sense of how your data is growing and changing? Are these tools helping you understand virtual machine and container storage growth? Is your data safe and protected?


Pure1 powered by Pure1 Meta® is an industry-leading, AI-driven platform that ensures a higher level of data availability and performance. From a single screen, you can see all your data service platforms, from on-premises FlashArray™ and Pure Cloud Block Store™ in public clouds, to the Portworx Kubernetes storage platform.

Intelligent Data Management and Protection

Pure1 Meta begins gathering and analyzing telemetry data as soon as you deploy your data-services platform. Within minutes, Pure1 users have access to a full suite of analytics and services for performance, capacity, planning, reporting, and more.

Pure1 is available anywhere, anytime, from any computer or your iOS or Android mobile device. Use it to easily spot alerts, view support cases, and see a detailed summary of all your data services.

A high-level dashboard provides a quick status summary of your entire storage footprint, plus specific, appliance-level details on performance, capacity, replication status, and component health.

Share detailed information with your teams using available reports for performance and capacity, as well as replication, file services, audit logs, subscriptions, and support contracts.

See how well your data is protected from ransomware and other potential issues with a readiness assessment that shows SafeMode, replication, and snapshot status across your fleet.

Full-stack Analytics

Pure1® lets you plan for future applications and analyze the behavior of your storage over time. You can leverage the data to visualize your data centers down to a single virtual machine or container.

Visualize end-to-end performance and capacity across your entire VMware environment.

Thousands of organizations use VM Analytics in Pure1 to monitor, troubleshoot, and plan for expansion of their VMware infrastructure. Now organizations that are using container infrastructure with Portworx have the same capabilities.

See current and historical performance and capacity for Portworx clusters.

View all your vCenters, any data centers you’ve defined, and any tiers in those data centers, from a single VM Analytics screen. This provides a quick overview of your Pure appliances and their volumes, the connected hosts, down to the vDisk or vVol behind each VM. You can track performance and capacity for all these elements, plus CPU, memory, and other key performance indicators for the hosts and VMs.

With Portworx, you can view all the resources from nodes to all of the storage entities. Easily see which application in Kubernetes maps to specific storage layers.

Create a simple, at-a-glance way to determine whether a performance issue is affecting your VMware or Portworx environment—and pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

Get a comprehensive view of capacity details at all levels, from VM or container to application and datastore level. Look at used capacity in bytes or percentages. Most important, discover the percentage of capacity churn, so you can learn how much your capacity on a VM or container has changed over a specific time period.

Using this information, you can go back to the Workload Planner with rich detail on how to plan for growth or consolidation.

Predictive Storage Support

Pure1 uses analytics from across Pure's worldwide installed base to quickly pinpoint potential challenges, including hardware degradation, software faults, and environmental issues.

When possible problems are identified, Pure1 generates alerts and opens cases with Pure Support. These quick, reactive features enable proactive resolution of more than 70% of issues, preventing unplanned downtime. With a highly extensible engine, Pure1 also monitors for unusual behavior that may be a sign of ransomware.

Data Storage Infrastructure Optimization

We designed Pure1 to help you get the most from your Pure data service platforms. Use it to recommend hardware or software upgrades, provide detailed planning for a range of scenarios from new applications to data migration, and schedule upgrades after checking upgrade readiness.

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