Empowering Data for Telecom Service Providers

From edge to core to cloud, Pure solutions span the telecom architecture, enabling you to extract maximum value with minimum complexity and cost. Pure supports service providers with a complete portfolio of enterprise-grade, all-flash storage.

5G Rollout and the Modern Data Experience™

Pure solutions provide the foundation for 5G deployments and enable you to achieve your 5G ambitions. As a storage supplier to 15 of the top 20 global telecom providers, Pure understands your 5G needs and is a strategic partner for your journey.

Get Unified Fast File and Object Storage

5G requires a data-centric architecture with rapid data processing. As new use cases proliferate—AI/ML, Internet of Things, immersive content—carriers need scalable, high-performance file and object storage that is easy to operate.

Rev Up Network Databases

High-performance databases are the heart of telecom networks.  FlashArray™ with all-NVMe storage turbocharges database workloads, from Oracle to SAP HANA to MySQL. FlashArray’s 99.9999% field-proven reliability keeps critical services running.

Move Forward with Containers

Container-based Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs) are changing the telecom landscape with dynamic elasticity and improved feature velocity via continuous delivery. Portworx is the ideal platform for managing and protecting CNF storage or any containerized apps.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“Pure has had a revolutionary impact on the business, completely changing our mindset and how the cloud infrastructure team functions.”

Keith Martin
Senior Director, Cloud Capacity Engineering, ServiceNow

“Working with Pure Storage has been a breeze. From a manageability standpoint, Pure1’s GUI is simple and intuitive.”

Terence Lee
Assistant General Manager, M1 Limited


Leverage a flexible, disaggregated architecture with cloud-like agility and all-flash performance.

Why should telecom service providers consider Pure Storage?

What consistently sets Pure Storage apart from the competition is its commitment to delivering a Modern Data Experience. Pure enables you to turn bottlenecks into breakthroughs backed by its leadership in innovation and cloud-ready solutions, and to convert data into powerful outcomes empowered by multicloud mobility, container orchestration, and as-a-service flexibility.

Extend your investments with modern data protection, Evergreen updates, and all-flash sustainability.

Otras preguntas de los usuarios:

1. What is storage as a service?

Storage as a service (STaaS) is a data storage business model where a provider rents storage resources to a customer through a subscription. STaaS saves you money through operating expenditure (OPEX) agility—you only pay for the storage you need, when you need it.

2. What is Evergreen Storage?

Pure Storage Evergreen™ Storage subscriptions deliver value to your organization for a decade or longer with storage that is deployed once. It stays current with seamless hardware and software upgrades and built-in compatibility with future technologies. As your company grows, you can scale storage as needed—without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, expensive leases, or forklift upgrades.

3. What is a non-disruptive upgrade (NDU)?

An NDU is a software upgrade, hardware expansion, and/or replacement that doesn’t impact data availability or performance. In an ideal scenario, that means no downtime, data migrations, or performance degradation. Pure all-flash arrays not only match the resiliency of legacy arrays, but raise the bar with 100% performance availability during maintenance operations.

4. What is QLC Flash?

Quad-level cell (QLC) flash is a capacity-optimized NAND memory technology that delivers a per-terabyte cost that matches or beats hard-disk drives (HDDs). As its name suggests, QLC stores four bits per cell, delivering NVMe performance with higher capacities.

Pure Storage FlashArray//C doesn’t use flash SSD modules like other storage vendors. Pure’s DirectFlash® modules allow raw flash to connect directly via NVMe, reducing latency and increasing throughput. This enables FlashArray//C to maximize the performance of its QLC flash modules while still delivering cost per capacity comparable to hybrid and HDD storage arrays.

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