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CHU Saint-Etienne Modernizes its Storage Infrastructure With Pure Storage

One of four university hospitals in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, CHU Saint-Etienne improves application performance, data access, and quality of care with high density, power efficient Pure Storage FlashArray™.


Faced with growing demands and limited space, CHU needed to modernize its IT infrastructure. Pure Storage® delivered the availability, security, and high performance needed, with easy maintenance by the small IT team. Storage capacity increased 50% along with a reduction in power consumption and footprint.


  • Public Sector, Healthcare


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Modernize data protection



Staff and clinicians needed fast data access to deliver better quality of care, and legacy systems could not keep up. With space at a premium and breakdowns unacceptable, small footprint and high availability were critical. To address ESG concerns, new technology also needed to be considerably more power efficient.


Business Transformation

  • Improved patient services with strengthened business continuity
  • Accelerated access to patient data to deliver faster, informed patient care
  • Reduced risk with stronger protections against cyber threats

IT Transformation

  • Reduced latency from 17ms to less than 1ms
  • Reduced power consumption while increasing storage capacity 50%
  • Consolidated storage from 70 units to 6 units with two FlashArrays


導入事例 VVols と FlashArray の導入で VM 運用負荷とデータを大幅削減


東映アニメーション: オールフラッシュ・ストレージで TCO 大幅低減


日本中央競馬会(JRA): ピュア・ストレージで IT 基盤をオールフラッシュ化


三菱 UFJ モルガン・スタンレー 証券:ピュア・ストレージの 導入で、株取引執行システム、 バックアップ/リストアを高速化


毎日新聞社: ピュア・ストレージの導入で 全社用仮想化基盤の性能を改善


古いブラウザには、セキュリティ・リスクが存在する場合があります。ピュア・ストレージの Web サイトをより快適にご利用いただけるよう、最新のブラウザにアップデートしてください。