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Silicon Laboratories

Silicon Labs Designs Electronics at Scale

When long run times and issues scaling workloads caused frustration and potential for delays, Silicon Labs found the high-performance solution they needed from Pure Storage®.


Silicon Labs makes electronic chips that power remote control light bulbs, smart homes, and industrial automation. The electronic design automation (EDA) process used to create new chips generates millions of small files and directories for each project.  Heavily metadata-oriented, EDA workloads create a data throughput challenge for legacy storage systems. Silicon Labs relies on Pure Storage FlashBlade® for high performance data storage for EDA and other workloads.


  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)


  • NOAM

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics


The Last Scale-out Storage Solution You Will Ever Need
Sustainable, simple-to-manage, consolidated, and secure. Discover why FlashBlade is the last scale-out storage solution you will ever need.


Silicon Labs needed storage that could speed its design process, handling huge volumes of unstructured data. At the same time, the company wanted to consolidate its other workloads on the same system for efficiency and simplicity. With multiple locations, including some without in-house IT staff, Silicon Labs needed a solution that was easy to manage, delivered by a vendor providing great support.


Business Transformation

  • Fosters faster innovation with high performance and reliability
  • Simple to deploy and manage, even at locations without on-site support
  • Consolidates workloads on one platform while improving performance

IT Transformation

  • 40x faster for some functions than legacy HPC storage
  • Scalable to meet business design workloads
  • Reduces footprint by 85%, simplifying data center operations


導入事例 VVols と FlashArray の導入で VM 運用負荷とデータを大幅削減


東映アニメーション: オールフラッシュ・ストレージで TCO 大幅低減


日本中央競馬会(JRA): ピュア・ストレージで IT 基盤をオールフラッシュ化


三菱 UFJ モルガン・スタンレー 証券:ピュア・ストレージの 導入で、株取引執行システム、 バックアップ/リストアを高速化


毎日新聞社: ピュア・ストレージの導入で 全社用仮想化基盤の性能を改善


古いブラウザには、セキュリティ・リスクが存在する場合があります。ピュア・ストレージの Web サイトをより快適にご利用いただけるよう、最新のブラウザにアップデートしてください。