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eBook, 10 pages

4 Key Genomics Data Storage Considerations to Support Precision Medicine

4 Key Genomics Data Storage Considerations

Genomics data is growing exponentially, with data storage demands doubling every seven months. As life sciences and healthcare organizations move to precision medicine, they need hyperscalable, flexible, cost-effective data storage. Leveraging the right genomics data infrastructure solutions helps foster innovation, drive faster time to science, and improve patient outcomes.

This eBook provides insights and guidance into genomics pipelines, and how Pure Storage can simplify and supercharge your infrastructure with future-ready and secure solutions available with flexible consumption models.

You’ll discover:

  • Common infrastructure bottlenecks in genomics pipeline
  • Pure’s value proposition to streamline genomics analytics
  • Success stories from life sciences customers who love Pure

“There’s no point in playing with traditional storage because it’s just not fast enough. With Pure Storage FlashBlade®, we can stay ahead of the curve as we fight global threats to human health.”

Ph.D. McMaster University
Andrew G. McArthur
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