SQL Server on Linux on All-Flash Arrays

With today’s high-performance CPU and large memory capacities, storage can be the biggest bottleneck for database performance. Flash storage can eliminate the storage bottleneck as well as simplifying SQL Server storage management requirements. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage flash storage with SQL Server on Linux
  • How flash storage can be used for data and log files as well as tempdb
  • How Pure Storage’s FlashArray’s snapshots, clones, asynchronous replication, and ActiveCluster technologies can improve SQL Server availability
  • How data-at-rest encryption can help secure your sensitive data.

These features can help you avoid size-of-data operations for a myriad of different scenarios making the DBA’s job easier – all in context of DevOps and fast provisioning.


Featured Speakers: 

Michael Otey, Senior Contributing Editor, Windows IT Pro

Argenis Fernandez, SQL Server Solutions Architect, Pure Storage