Get Data Protection Plus Cloud Flexibility

Drive your hybrid cloud strategy with Pure Storage ObjectEngine™. It’s a highly flexible, reliable way to store backups efficiently to on-prem S3 object storage, such as FlashBlade™, and to public cloud for long-term retention or disaster recovery.

Tap Into The Power of Flash and Cloud

ObjectEngine delivers the power of flash and cloud, deduplicating backups to reduce the overall TCO of your Rapid Restore solution. Store backup data efficiently on-prem in FlashBlade or in Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets. Send backups directly to AWS to help reduce backup infrastructure, leveraging the public cloud for 11x9s of durability and pay-as-you-go economics.

Scalable Data Deduplication

Exponential unstructured data growth? Aggressive recovery SLAs? With ObjectEngine, store backups of your most critical data efficiently on-prem or in the cloud and scale as needed to meet those SLAs.

Future-Proof Deduping Engine

Flexible, future-proof architecture allows you to add compute resources as needed to scale deduplication performance to meet or exceed backup and restore SLAs.

Object-Level Data Reduction

Deduplicate at the object-level, using a variable-length, block-level algorithm, to help reduce storage and bandwidth costs by up to 97%.

Enhanced Restore Performance

Leverage flash technology to speed up restores and overcome the performance challenges of rehydrating blocks of deduplicated backups on legacy data protection architectures.

Six Breakthroughs with Pure ObjectEngine

ObjectEngine raises the bar for modern data protection, while saving you money.


Secure data with 11x9's of durability in the cloud

Single Namespace

Fast local performance, global data protection, one data hub


Backup and restore in minutes, not hours or days


Scale-out software with no boundaries, on-prem to cloud


Linear scale to 100s of PBs, with 10s of GBs of bandwidth


Reduce cloud storage and bandwidth costs by up to 97% with inline deduplication

See How Much You Could Save with Pure

Explore the economics of an all-flash data protection solution with our TCO calculator. Get 5-year estimates on total savings as well as breakdowns for support, power and  cooling, and rack unit savings.

ObjectEngine Specifications


Node Type






Data Ingest Rate [1][2}



Up to 25 TB/HR



Data Ingest Rate [1][2}



Up to 15 TB/HR



Rack Units






Network Connectivity (Per Node)


  • Data (recommended): 2 x 25 Gb/s or 4 x 10 Gb/s
  • Management: 2 ports at 1 Gb/s


Supported Cloud Platforms



FlashBlade, Amazon Web Services S3 Standard, S3 Standard-IA


[1] Depends on workloads and assumes a data reduction ratio of 10:1 or more
[2] After initial seeding

ObjectEngine Data Protection Subscription Licensing

Get access to the entire ObjectEngine portfolio on a pay-per-use basis. Modernize data protection and unlock the potential of your backup data, while delivering Storage-as-a-Service for backup data. 

ObjectEngine Subscription