Purity Access

Instant Data Access

 Purity Operating System Offers Instant Data Access to Storage Environments

Purity delivers instant data access from both traditional enterprise applications and new webscale workloads. Empower your organisation to innovate rather than just operate.

Design your IT environment on a highly available and predictable scale-up architecture with built-in efficiencies. With Purity, you can easily consolidate workloads and aggregate data with native file access, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, DirectFlash® Fabric, and NVMe over Fabrics, using both RDMA and Fibre Channel (NVMe-oF).

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Run File Workloads with Your Block Applications

Purity now offers robust SMB and NFS support to existing FlashArray™ block storage capabilities, providing a mature, full-functioned NAS environment for user-oriented file workloads. For SAN environments, you gain high availability, predictable scale-up capabilities, and global data reduction for file-based workloads, while still getting all the benefits of Evergreen Storage™.

Consolidated Storage Protocols

If you have some file-based workloads you need to run in an otherwise all-block environment, Purity’s consolidated SAN and NAS capabilities provide the power and flexibility you need in a single pane of glass. Many organisations run SAN-based enterprise databases but also have some NAS-based apps. Purity lets you avoid the trouble and expense of running two different, incompatible environments.

Improve App Performance with Storage-class Memory

Increase business-critical workload performance for SAN and DAS as you consolidate. Pure DirectFlash Fabric gives you maximum throughput and density for high-performance business applications. With a DirectFlash Fabric-enabled FlashArray//X, you’re adding NVMe-oF speed to the efficiency, availability, and rich data services that come with every //X.

Increase App Performance with Instant Data Access from Pure DirectFlash

Application Speed Matters

Business-critical applications depend on consistent and predictable, high-speed storage. Purity's end-to-end NVMe capability delivers the performance that business-critical workloads mandate, with built-in QoS to ensure that every workload gets the IOPS and throughput it requires.

Purity’s End-to-End NVMe Capabilities Support Instant Data Access for All Levels of Business-critical Workloads

100% NVMe, 100% Software-driven All-flash Array: Customers today expect instant response from all applications, both traditional enterprise workloads and new web-scale cloud-native apps. Purity is 100% software-driven storage that leverages Pure’s 100% NVMe hardware for maximum speed.

Faster, More Consistent Performance: The key to a superior user experience is low latency. Purity DirectFlash delivers microsecond latency, and it’s far more predictable than with a conventional SSD. That’s because global I/O scheduling, a flash translation layer, and garbage collection are precise and optimised based on outstanding I/Os for each flash die. Plus, communication with flash media is via 100% PCIe/NVMe.

DirectFlash Is Simply More Efficient: Want to get more usable capacity from the same raw flash? DirectFlash enables Purity to access 100% of your flash capacity, eliminating over-provisioning of the SSD. Together with global flash allocation and garbage collection—and with virtually no write amplification—DirectFlash wastes nothing.

Capacity-optimised with FlashArray//C: Need speed plus capacity? The DirectFlash modules in FlashArray//C (DFMc) are 100% NVMe—optimised for extreme density, resilience, and hybrid economics, and tuned specifically for QLC media.

Accelerate Performance-sensitive Applications

Looking for the fastest possible response from your databases? Pure DirectMemory™ with Intel Optane Storage-class Memory (SCM) delivers up to a 50% reduction in latency. Optimise and improve application performance with real-time access at sub-millisecond latency levels with Pure’s NVMe technology.  Get a cache boost for all your business-critical apps—SAP Hana, Oracle, and SQL Server. It’s as simple as plugging in DirectMemory modules, which require no configuration or tuning.

Edge to Core to Cloud Data Access

Pure Agile Data Services are part of the Purity data management system. Authorized users can access their data wherever they are in the world—and wherever their data resides: at core data centers on-premises, remote within branch offices, or in the cloud with native data mobility.

Automate Everything

Integrate data-management options and create organisation-specific scripts to limit manual tasks using Purity's comprehensive REST APIs. Automate routine storage-management tasks in languages including Python, Ruby, PowerShell, and Go. Integrate data-management tasks into your DevOps practice and deploy or run scripts on any FlashArray at the edge of your business, in the core data centre, or on our software-defined solution running in the cloud.

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