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Purity Access

Access Your Data in a Flash

 Purity Operating System Offers Instant Data Access to Storage Environments

Get predictable, high-speed data access for your enterprise applications running at scale and under the heaviest of loads. With Purity efficiency and multi-protocol support, you can run more workloads on fewer arrays without compromising performance.

Effortless Data Access

End-to-end NVMe optimized for flash, Multi-protocol support for Fibre Channel and Ethernet. Built-in QoS that balances the resource distribution. Purity checks all the boxes.

Consolidated Workloads and Aggregated Data

With Purity, you can easily consolidate workloads and aggregate data with block access over Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe/FC, NVMe/RoCE, NVMe/TCP), plus native file access for SMB and NFS.

Unified Block and File Workloads

Block and file protocols run side-by-side in Purity, so you can share your storage for both block-based databases for file-based home directories, file shares, and other file storage. With Purity’s unified block and file support, you avoid the trouble and expense of running multiple incompatible platforms.

Faster, More Consistent Performance

Pure's 100% NVMe storage has built-in QoS that ensures every workload gets the IOPs and throughput it requires. Pure DirectFlash® Fabric gives you maximum throughput for high-performance business applications with microsecond latency that’s far more predictable than with conventional SSDs.

Accelerate Performance-sensitive Applications

For the fastest possible read responses from databases, Pure DirectMemory™ with Intel Optane Storage-class Memory (SCM) delivers up to an additional 50% reduction in latency. A cache boost for all your business-critical apps—SAP Hana, OracleSQL Server, and cloud-native databases—can be as simple as plugging in DirectMemory modules. No configuration or tuning is required.

Edge to Core to Cloud Data Access

Authorized users can access their data wherever they are in the world and wherever their data resides—at core data centers on-premises, remote within branch offices, or in the cloud with native data mobility.

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Questions, Comments?

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