Transform Public Sector Expectations

Improve the quality of public services. Reduce operating costs. Make informed decisions to deliver citizen-centric outcomes. It’s time for public sector IT leaders to rethink IT infrastructure.

Pure Powers Government Solutions

The future of government IT is powered by Pure. We’re delivering industry-leading solutions for organisations of all sizes. See how to revolutionise public sector storage for the cloud era.

Good Data Infrastructure is Good Government

Put data instantly and securely where you need it, consolidate silos, and simplify complex legacy architectures.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Pure Storage ‘at rest’ encryption and Rapid Data Lock technology ensures citizens’ data is safe. And your apps and backed-up data are always on and ready for anything thanks to Purity Active Cluster and Rapid Restore.


Cost-effective Today - and Tomorrow

Eradicate data silos and racks of space . With Pure’s market-leading compression and deduplication — as well as Evergreen™ for zero downtime — you’ll save space and expenses.


Simplified Architecture, Optimised Solution

Rearchitect your data so they’re broadly shared and available-as-a-service wherever your workloads require. Data-centric architecture simplifies everything and puts your business on a solid foundation.

Power Your Mission

87% of Federal IT leaders say data is key to delivering better outcomes.* It’s no surprise that IT modernization is at the core of federal efforts to run the government more like a business. Proven at more than 50 federal agencies, Pure is a trusted partner to modern government.

*Meritalk, 2018, The Federal AI Journey

The Urgency of Data Security

National security is at stake daily. So secure and available data is paramount, especially as governments increasingly look to leverage AI to keep the homeland secure and ensure the safety of military personnel at home and abroad.

Agencies across the Defense and Intelligence community trust Pure to create a highly secure and robust data centric architecture that ensures availability of mission-critical applications while accelerating deployment of AI at scale.


For Every Type of Government

Federal | Defense and Intelligence

National security is at stake every day. So secure, always-available data is critical for defense and intelligence agencies, especially those looking to leverage AI to secure the homeland and safeguard our military personnel at home and abroad.

Federal | Civilian

Service delivery. Improving efficiency. Defending increasingly sophisticated fraud and abuse schemes. Federal civilian agencies face complex challenges. To improve constituents’ experiences, agencies need a powerful foundation for modern self-service applications. Pure delivers that foundation and reduces costs, empowers faster and more informed inter-agency decision-making, and fuels advanced analytics for faster fraud identification.

State and Local Government

Constituent self-service. Benefits distributions. Law enforcement video surveillance. Pure gives your team the secure data platform it needs to meet the core requirements of modern government – more effective and efficient service delivery.  Power your team’s decisions and critical applications with Pure Storage, the data storage leader for government.

A Catalyst for Better Government: AI and Pure

The potential for AI to drive meaningful change is virtually limitless. In partnership with NVIDIA and Cisco, our AIRI and FlashStack for AI offer the first integrated solutions for AI-at-scale—no matter where you are in your AI journey.

Modernise Your Department’s IT

A trusted data-centric architecture is not only enterprise-grade, consolidated, and secure —it delivers real-time insight with the speed of all-flash.

Learn How to Modernise Government Storage for the Cloud Era

Smart Decisions Take AI

Departments across government want the benefits of advanced analytics and AI.  But complex infrastructure and legacy government won’t support AI-powered innovation, AIRI offers an AI stack that gets you up and running in hours, instead of months.

Learn More About Analytics and AI Solutions for Government

Integrated Policy

Create smarter cities that use IoT data to deliver integrated health and social care. Build a seamless data hub with the ability to turn historical data into a valuable asset is within reach with Pure. Discover a different approach to data and how it is stored and delivered.

Use Data to Turn Your City Into a Smart and Safe City

Discover the True Cost of Legacy Infrastructure

Learn more about the barriers to automating government processes. Download the Smart Government 2019 reports below.

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