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Modern Data-driven Government Starts Here

Across 175 federal agencies and 48 states, governments rely on Pure for their IT modernization through mission-ready data storage and management solutions. With Pure, you can efficiently run your operations in an automated, storage-as-a-service model across multiple clouds.

Modern Government Data Center and Government Data Services

Modern Governments Run Their Data on Pure

Entirely on-premises. Transitioning to cloud. Hybrid. Pure delivers the fastest, future-proof path to modernization wherever you are in your digital transformation journey. Government IT leaders need the right infrastructure for successful transformation. Pure offers end-to-end efficiency that’s always Evergreen™, whether you're supporting federal or state and local agencies.

Combating Ransomware Against Governments

Agencies across the public sector have been hit hard by ransomware attacks that result in an average loss of $1.85 million. Proper education and preparation can help you combat the threat. It’s not easy, but it's a battle that agencies can win.

Reduce government ransomware risk

Simple, Rapid as-a-Service Solutions

Agencies are experiencing more strain than ever on their IT systems. Unexpected events often require new storage to support mission-critical functions. Evergreen//One™ is a pay-per-use hybrid-cloud consumption model for storage.

Storage as a service for governments and federal agencies

AI as a Catalyst for Better Government

Artificial intelligence has the potential to vastly improve the lives of citizens and help governments accomplish their missions. In partnership with NVIDIA and Cisco, AIRI® and FlashStack® offer integrated solutions for AI at scale.

AI to improve citizen quality of life

All About Government Data Analytics

A full 87% of Federal IT leaders surveyed say data is the key to delivering better outcomes. AI can transform the way federal governments draw intelligence from data and revolutionize citizen service and mission success.

Federal IT leaders prioritize data analtyics

Improved IT Performance and Outcomes

Speed time to benefit and accelerate your agency’s IT modernization journey with help from Pure experts. Get up and running with the simplicity of Pure solutions quicker, easier, and with greater impact.

Accelerate government IT performance
Survival Kit
Can Your Agency Survive a Ransomware Attack?

Nearly 2,400 U.S.-based government agencies, healthcare facilities, and schools experienced a ransomware attack in 2020. Protect your data, agency, and reputation. Learn how Pure can speed your recovery and help you survive a ransomware attack.

Get Your Survival Kit
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What is government data management?

Whether it’s at the local, state, or federal level, government data management is about creating an effective strategy for managing and drawing insights from government data both on-premises and in the cloud.

People also ask:

1. How does the government use data?

From national security to state and local law enforcement to the census, government agencies need to be able to securely collect, store, and process data to draw insights and power the mission-critical services that keep them operational.

2. What is government data analytics?

Government data analytics is the practice of applying data science to raw data to gain insights leading to better decision-making. Whether it’s preventing tax fraud or analyzing traffic flow to improve transportation infrastructure, data analytics can increase the efficiency of government agencies.

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“The Pure Storage team showed up, rolled up their sleeves, and offered to help. Within days, we had new equipment on site and started to migrate our data to Pure.”

Kimberly LaGrue
CIO, City of New Orleans

“I don’t think I can overstate the value of Pure technology and the Pure team. It’s a relationship you don’t necessarily get with other vendors.”

Mickey Yates
CIO, Mississippi Department of Revenue

From Ransomware Vulnerability to Resilience

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