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Hybrid Cloud

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Mobility

Set yourself free from private- and public-cloud data silos. Accelerate innovation for your cloud-native and virtualized applications with a modern data platform that unifies hybrid and multicloud ecosystems.

Realize True Hybrid-cloud Solutions

Pure Storage cloud data services deliver seamless mobility with consistent storage services, resilience, and APIs across your hybrid-cloud environment. Simplify your hybrid-cloud journey with a single, consistent platform for any application—anywhere.

Consistently Consistent Hybrid Cloud

Everything is managed, orchestrated, and protected consistently across clouds. With Pure Cloud Block Store™, Portworx® by Pure Storage, and Purity CloudSnap™, you can easily move apps between clouds, use public cloud for backup and disaster recovery, and run DevTest more efficiently.

Consistent hybrid cloud management

Develop for Hybrid, Run Anywhere

Get consistent automation and orchestration across your hybrid or multicloud deployment. Simplify Kubernetes storage with Portworx.

Develop and experience hybrid cloud benefits anywhere

Bridge the Cloud Divide with Hybrid

Deliver a consistent data experience across on-premises, co-located, and public-cloud environments. Simplify migration to/from AWS and Azure Cloud while taking advantage of a unified hybrid cloud subscription with Evergreen//One™.

Experience unified hybrid cloud on-premises and in the cloud

Enhance Public Cloud with Hybrid Cloud

Pure Cloud Block Store, Pure’s enterprise-grade block storage, lets you run mission-critical enterprise apps in the cloud. Enjoy industry leading data services while reducing costs.

Enhance hybrid cloud storage with Pure Cloud Block Store

What is a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that employs both on-premises and public cloud resources, along with unified management and orchestration tools, to enable flexible data, application mobility, and operational agility across your IT infrastructure.

People also ask:

1. How can hybrid clouds drive your business?

Hybrid clouds give organizations options for operational and financial flexibility. Businesses can adjust their CAPEX and OPEX infrastructure usage according to workload demand and data center and budget requirements.

2. What are the benefits of hybrid cloud?

In terms of business applications, organizations are moving rapidly to a hybrid cloud model in which enterprises and cloud-native companies alike can capitalize on hybrid applications that take advantage of innovation across linked on-premises and public clouds.

3. What is a cloud divide?

Enterprises today have to contend with a cloud divide: They want to run hybrid, but the reality is that enterprise apps mostly run on-prem and migrating them to the cloud is difficult. Likewise, webscale apps are mostly built in the cloud and migrating them on-prem is difficult.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“Portworx is an important part of what we need to do to simplify our infrastructure.”

Rob Cameron
Principal SRE, Roblox

"We have two main trackers: our recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. Right out of the gate, they had to be validated and attested to."

Wes North
AVP, Cornerstone


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