Get Container Storage as a Service for Hybrid Cloud

Pure Service Orchestrator™ delivers storage as a service for containers, giving developers the agility of public cloud with the reliability and security of on-premises infrastructure.

Simplifying Container Storage

Pure delivers seamless integration with container orchestration frameworks, like Kubernetes, to provide smart provisioning, elastic scaling, and transparent recovery.

Smart Provisioning

  • Automated storage delivery, on demand
  • Policy-based provisioning
  • Fully integrated with Kubernetes, Docker, and more

Elastic Scaling

  • Seamless multi-array scaling
  • Shared file and block infrastructure
  • Instant new storage additions

Transparent Recovery

  • Automated failover
  • Self-healing data access integrity
  • Enterprise-grade resiliency
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With Pure Service Orchestrator, you can simply have Kubernetes fire up a container, tell it how much transient/persistent storage is required, and you’re off to the races.

Ed Hammond, Principal Solutions Architect
Cogo Labs

Get On-Demand, Persistent Container Storage

Containerized application environments are fluid and scale rapidly. Pure’s fast, flexible storage solutions—and Pure Service Orchestrator’s smart provisioning, elastic scaling, and transparent recovery—make keeping up easier.

 Container applications scale fast with Pure Storage.

Cloud-like Storage Orchestration and Provisioning

Integrate seamlessly with orchestration frameworks like Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere. Pure Service Orchestrator is the control-plane virtualization layer for your containerized environment. Your developers can move from consuming storage as a device to consuming storage as a service.

Cloud storage orchestration and provisioning

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