Pure Storage® is a Premier Citrix Partner and is part of the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program

Aimee Catalano, VP of Integrated Marketing at Pure Storage, speaks with Citrix Ready about the value and differentiation that Pure brings to Citrix virtual desktop environments.

Joint Value and Solutions

 Together Citrix and Pure have jointly tested and customer proven solutions designed to meet the needs of Mobile Workspaces. The need for very low latency and very low response times as well as non-disruptive growth and upgrade capabilities in virtualized environments was an early driver of flash technology adoption. Today many Fortune 500 organizations depend on Pure and Citrix to enable their Mobile Workspaces.

Certifications and Support

Pure has a dedicated Citrix Alliance Team focused on removing complexity and cost while improving productivity and growth in Citrix environments. Pure and Citrix have tested solutions with XenDesktop (7.6 and earlier) and XenServer (v6.2, 6.1). Pure has Citrix Reference Architectures and sizing guides to streamline solution design and deployment.

Pure is …

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