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Purity Operating Environment delivers software-defined storage and flash management purpose-built to power Pure’s shared accelerated storage.

Say Goodbye to Downtime

Purity delivers comprehensive, rich data services for all of your workloads along with global flash management. Moreover, Purity enables consistent low latency, data protection, and non-disruptive “everything” – and its resilience means full performance through array maintenance and failures.  “Never take a planned downtime again.” Need more proof of its power? Purity’s industry-leading data reduction and total efficiency are typically 2x better than the competition.

Purity Flash Data Storage Software

Operating System Intelligence That Makes FlashArray Possible

The breakthrough performance and resiliency of Purity for FlashArray™makes shared accelerated storage—like FlashArray— possible. The consistent low latency, unprecedented density, and GBs of bandwidth FlashArray offers are powered by Purity//FA, DirectFlash™ with NVMe, DirectFlash Fabric with NVMe-oF, and DirectMemory Cache.

Consolidate with NVMe-oF and Speed Your Business Applications

Up-level performance for SAN and DAS applications as you consolidate: address mission-critical AND new cloud-native applications with a DirectFlash™ Fabric-enabled FlashArray//X. You’ll be adding NVMe-oF speed to all the efficiency, availability, and rich data services that come with every //X.

Protect Data Everywhere

Disk-to-disk-to-tape is so Y2K. It’s time to modernise with flash-to-flash-to-cloud. Purity Snapshots and CloudSnap™ enable data portability of snapshots from on-premises FlashArray//X to FlashArray//C// to FlashBlade™ for rapid restore, to NFS targets, or to AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud for off-premises backup. The choice is yours and the process is simple.

Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud Data Protection

Activecluster: Multi-site Active/Active Stretch Cluster – 4 Steps

Now every enterprise can achieve RPO zero and RTO zero across racks, data centers, or metro regions, effortlessly and affordably. Purity//FA 5 introduced multi-site stretch cluster with Purity ActiveCluster – always-on, Active/Active synchronous and asynchronous protection that’s built-in and a snap to setup. No additional cost, and no external controllers or third site required – Purity ActiveCluster is included in your Evergreen™ Subscription.

Purity Optimise: Speed up Your Applications

Accelerate application responsiveness by up to 2X with Purity Optimise and new plug-and-play, SCM-based Direct Memory Modules (DMM) for FlashArray™//X*. DirectMemory Cache software off-loads reads from slower flash media. Once non-disruptive DMMs are added to a FlashArray™//X70R2 or //X90R2, no configuration is necessary. Get up to 50% latency improvements and additional throughput for latency-sensitive, performance critical workloads, including online transaction processing (OLTP) and in-memory databases.

Purity Run Open Platform for Applications

Unleash VVols for Per-VM Control

Purity and VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) now enable unprecedented levels of management simplicity for your VMs. Assure that your SLAs are met – per VM – via Purity’s data services, storage policy-based management, and flexible data portability. And the best part? Set it up in minutes.

Purity Reduce:
Unbeatable Total Efficiency

Purity delivers the industry’s most comprehensive data reduction including deduplication, compression, pattern removal, and deeper compression with machine learning– typically 2x better than the competition. And unlike other vendors, it’s built-in, always-on, and requires no tuning. You’ll buy less storage now, and less storage in the future!

Purity Assure: Goodbye Downtime

With proven 99.9999% availability for FlashArray, inclusive of generational upgrades, Purity keeps your data and applications safe, secure, and available at all times – without performance loss. In addition, Purity provides always-on QoS and effortless control over your workloads. No more noisy neighbors, maintenance windows, and long weekends in the data center!

Purity Secure: The Highest Security Standards

Purity for FlashArray delivers an effective technology platform for compliance regulations, including the new GDPR policy, and has earned an NIAP / Common Criteria Certification. Efficient data security is provided by always-on FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 data-at-rest encryption with data reduction, EncryptReduce, KMIP integration, and rapid data locking.

Purity Protect: Never Be Without Your Data

Purity delivers effortless business continuity with ActiveCluster – but that’s just one part of its data protection portfolio. For added peace of mind, Purity offers space-efficient local and remote disaster recovery. Snapshots and replication (to FlashArray™, an NFS target, or cloud) are built-in, efficient, and a snap to set up. Get protected within minutes with policy-based automation.

Automate with Purity Open APIs

We believe in API-first. Purity’s available cloud connections, integrations, and REST APIs ensure that Pure Data-Centric Architecture will integrate with what matters in your data center. VMware vCenter, vRealize, Microsoft System Center, OpenStack, and many more. Best of all, Purity’s simplicity means that FlashArray and FlashBlade™ are fully automatable.

Operating System Intelligence Behind Flashblade

FlashBlade is the industry’s most advanced scale-out storage, delivering unprecedented performance for modern data applications. Its massively distributed architecture enables consistent performance for all analytics applications using NFS, S3/Object, SMB, and HTTP protocols. FlashBlade is as simple as it is powerful, and all driven by Purity//FB2.

Purity Operating System Delivers Scale-out Storage For FlashBlade

FlashBlade is built on scale-out metadata architecture, capable of handling 10s of billions of files and objects while delivering maximum performance. Storage services at every layer are elastic, thanks to the distributed transaction database built into the core of Purity for FlashBlade. As with //X, Purity provides global flash management and effortless scale: simply adding additional blades grows system capacity and performance, instantly.

Object Store is now Fast Store

Archive. Cold Storage. Object systems today are built for cheap and deep storage. With the emergence of modern data analytics like Spark and deep learning, organisations can finally unlock the potential hidden in their data. Purity//FB 2 now supports S3 protocol, delivering ultra-fast performance for objects.

FlashBlade – Now with Snapshots

Delivering rapid innovation is part of who we are. Purity//FB 2 introduces a wave of new enterprise features, like snapshots, SMB, LDAP, network lock management (NLM), and IPv6, to extend FlashBlade into new use cases. In particular, snapshots bring ultra-fast performance for data protection and recovery, accelerating workflows in enterprise deployments like software development and databases.

Purity Now Speaks Flash Fluently

What if storage software could talk directly to raw flash? With DirectFlash™, now Purity can. Purity interfaces directly with flash media via PCIe/NVMe (and NVMe/oF to DirectFlash Shelf), providing global flash management, I/O scheduling and optimisation, and end-to-end garbage collection. In effect, we’ve eliminated the performance challenges inherent in a “black box” SSD – by redefining the SSD. DirectFlash means faster, more efficient storage from the same raw flash!

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