What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud is a cloud computing environment that employs both on-premises and public cloud resources, along with unified management and orchestration tools, to enable flexible data and application mobility and operational agility across clouds.

How Hybrid Cloud Can Drive My Business

Hybrid Cloud gives organizations operational and financial options. Businesses can flexibly adjust their CAPEX and OPEX infrastructure usage according to workload demand and data center and budget requirements. Cloud resources, for instance, might be used to handle DevOps, or AI initiatives, while mission-critical apps remain on-premises. Data protection options, and additional use cases for data, expand greatly in a true Hybrid Cloud environment.

In terms of business applications themselves, organizations are moving rapidly to a Hybrid Cloud model in which enterprises and cloud-native companies alike capitalize on hybrid applications that take advantage of innovation across linked on-premises and public clouds. In this model, businesses leverage both the reliability, efficiency, and security of private cloud and the agility, simplicity, and on-demand consumption of public cloud. In effect, you get the best of both worlds.

Pure’s Take on Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises today have to contend with a cloud divide: they want to run hybrid, but the reality is that enterprise apps mostly run on-prem – and migrating them to the cloud is difficult. Likewise, webscale apps are mostly built in the cloud, and migrating them on-prem is difficult. This also poses a challenge for development: on-prem and cloud storage have different features and APIs, so developing an application that runs seamlessly across both is nearly impossible.

However, the landscape is rapidly changing: the new hybrid cloud now emerging will deliver consistent data services, resiliency, APIs, and bi-directional data mobility – enabling true hybrid applications across private and public clouds and a host of new data protection options. A common storage layer will deliver the ultimate agility: you get faster application development and your applications are no longer linked to any specific infrastructure.

Pure is paving the way for this new hybrid cloud model today – with industry-leading cloud data infrastructure delivered on-premises and cloud data services delivered natively in the public cloud.

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