Virtualization Unleashed

Infrastructure virtualization on FlashArray is so efficient, you can consolidate – and accelerate – every workload. It's so effortless, you can manage with half the staff. And with Evergreen™ Storage savings, you can afford to put FlashArray everywhere.

All in for Virtualization

Virtualize, consolidate, and automate – everything. See how Pure Storage enables you to realize the dramatic improvements in IT speed, efficiency, and flexibility that virtualization brings, with none of the performance bottlenecks common to legacy infrastructure.

Simplify Virtualisation with Pure Storage

FlashArray is now even more integrated with your virtual infrastructure.

Automate Easily

Full integration with vRealize Suite enables streamlined operations and self-service IaaS of your Pure Storage FlashArray. Empower your admins and start automating IT processes now.

Deploy Quickly

Start small and easily grow to thousands of VMs on a pre-validated FlashStack Converged Infrastructure for VMware vSphere. Independently scale compute and storage resources like the public cloud as your business demands.

Build Confidently

Pure Storage is a VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture for the Software-Defined Data Center. Now you can confidently build your all-flash VMware private cloud – and accelerate time to value.


After analyzing 18 SSA product families, Gartner scored us highest for Online Transaction Processing, Server Virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, in its 2018 Critical Capabilities for Solid State Arrays report.


VMware Virtual Volumes running on Pure delivers unprecedented levels of management simplicity for your VMs. Now you can assure that your SLAs are met – per VM. Get fine-grained control, backup and restore, storage policy-based management, and flexible data portability, all of it per-VM. And the best part? Set it up in minutes.

Pure Storage and Microsoft Hyper-V

Consolidate all your applications on Pure Storage, and then virtualize them with Microsoft Hyper-V. Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL – and non-Microsoft apps too. Manage everything, including your Pure solution, directly from System Center, and scale seamlessly.

Virtualisation Unleashed

So powerful you can virtualise and consolidate every workload. So simple you can manage it with half the staff. So efficient you can afford to put it everywhere. PureStorage® FlashArray//m is the new standard for the virtualised data centre.

Accelerate All Your Workloads

Low latency is the key to maximising the potential of your virtualised applications. Disk storage simply can't touch uninterrupted flash performance. With Pure Storage you can virtualise all your applications with built-in data protection – and no risk.

Our Virtualization Experts

For the latest on virtualization, integrations, automation, and private cloud, check out our experts’ blogs.

Rob “Barkz” Barker

Cody Hosterman

Manage Simply from Within Your Virtualization Platform

Pure Storage makes it easy. Fully manage your FlashArray from VMware vRealize, Cisco UCS Director, Microsoft System Center, or OpenStack. With Pure’s complete and simple automation and orchestration integration, you can easily build a fully virtualized private cloud.

Manage FlashArray From Within Your Virtualization Platform Manage FlashArray From Within Your Virtualization Platform
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“We had the Pure array up and running, and our virtual infrastructure migrated onto it, in about two hours.”
David Woolley Senior Director, Network Operations
San Francisco Giants
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“The simple management of the arrays allowed our teams to integrate the interface in no time, and the switchover was seamless.”
Jean-Baptiste Baraban, Senior Manager of ICT
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“It’s much faster to spin up new VMs. It is more stable and reliable. And it definitely is easier to manage.”
Steve Berryman, Infrastructure Manager
Colorado Department of Education

Virtualizing on Pure Storage Is Powering Customer Success

A few of the organizations we’ve helped to capture all the benefits of virtualization. 

Giants Save in Myriad Ways with Pure

The San Francisco Giants replaced complex and time-consuming legacy disk with Pure, gaining performance, resilience, and effortless management – to say nothing of all the space (racks and racks reduced to one shelf).

Service Provider Finds All They Needed In Pure

Telehouse needed storage with lower energy consumption, better performance, and higher capacity from higher data-compression rates. Pure delivered, boosting IOPs and bandwidth while dropping latency by more than 6x.

CDE Supports 1800 Schools with FlashStack

In looking for an all-flash, VMware-based converged infrastructure solution that was cost-effective and easy to manage, CDE chose FlashStack, which had a lower price, higher capacity, and much higher data reduction.

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