Pure Storage Helps Gruppo Castelli Open New Global Markets

Gruppo Castellli Case study Gruppo Castellli Case study


Gruppo Castelli, a leading business in the manufacturing of cheeses and Italian dairy products, uses Pure Storage FlashArray™ technology to support business continuity, guaranteeing  high availability of data and system upgrades without service interruption.


  • Guarantee business continuity and avoid server downtime.
  • Reduce electrical consumption and optimize performance, including “greener” resource management.
  • Consolidate the company’s IT structure with a single storage solution to simplify data management and optimize the use of resources.

Use Case:

Business Transformation:

Gruppo Castelli has decided to open up to global markets thanks to cutting-edge storage solutions, in such a way as to maintain its track record of excellence and offering not only products, but also comprehensive services for promoting “Made In Italy” cheese globally.

IT Transformation:

  • Outsourcing has been reduced to zero.
  • Resources dedicated to the maintenance of storage has been reduced by about 80%.
  • The energy consumption of the Pure Storage solution is now about 600 watts, a notable savings compared to the prior 3 kw.
  • Maintenance is now performed solely during work hours, and does not require the overtime that occurred previously.
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“Continuity of the production processes is essential for us. For this reason, we need to elevate business continuity to the system level, first in regard to IT systems.”

Michele Gottardi, IT Manager