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Enterprise Cloud Adoption Insights 2021

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Insights 2021

Cloud computing has reached critical mass, helping organizations drive business forward with on-demand, enterprise cloud services—including servers, databases, software, analytics, and storage. In fact, it’s no longer a question of whether or not a company will undergo a cloud transformation. Rather, the conversation is now focused on the strategic timing and approach of cloud adoption to glean the greatest value from these rapidly advancing technologies.

In new research from IDG and Pure Storage®, we took a deep dive into understanding the cloud adoption goals of enterprise customers. Surveying US and UK-based cloud architects and IT directors, we summarized key findings surrounding the pain points of enterprise cloud adoption and gained greater understanding of how storage as a service (STaaS) can help.

Rising Use of Hybrid Cloud

In the benchmark survey, data revealed the overwhelming preference for hybrid cloud. More than 80% of the respondents had exclusively on-premises/private cloud or public cloud environments. Findings also confirmed a continued move to the cloud with 41% of B2B tech decision-makers planning to shift more applications and workloads to some form of cloud (public, private, or hybrid) in the next 12 months.

 In new research from IDG and Pure Storage®, we take a deep dive into the pain points of enterprise cloud adoption and how storage as a service (STaaS) can help.

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Achieving a Seamless Hybrid Cloud Environment

While the vast majority of respondents are gaining the advantages of computing technologies, challenges remain when it comes to stitching together on-premises and cloud deployments for a seamless cloud environment. The majority of organizations plan to modernize their private cloud and on-premises infrastructure using containers within the next 12 months. And more than 90% of respondents recognize the need to re-architect applications for multicloud mobility, as well as the associated complexity and costs.

And confusion also exists around moving to a public cloud. Some respondents expressed concerns about security. A majority had yet to map their tier-1 enterprise-class features against public cloud features.

The Value of Storage as a Service

Although organizations continue to work through the challenges of attaining a seamless cloud environment, they’re also gaining the benefits of cloud technologies. Sixty-two percent recognized the benefit of providing users with the freedom to provision resources without always having to rely on IT. Many respondents called out the importance of a single storage as a service (STaaS) solution across their hybrid environment.

Regardless of how your cloud strategy currently stacks up, Pure Storage can help—by reducing the complexity of your legacy infrastructure, making data available when and where it’s needed, and providing a consistent data platform across your on-premises and public cloud environments. The result is data storage that’s simple, seamless, and sustainable - all with a unified hybrid cloud consumption model.

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