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What is A Data Hub?

What is a Data Hub?

A data hub is a modern, data-centric storage architecture that helps enterprises consolidate and share data to power analytics and AI workloads. If you’re still accessing data with point-to-point connections to independent silos, converting your infrastructure into a data hub will greatly streamline data flow across your organization.

How Data Hubs Can Consolidate Data Silos

For today’s enterprises, data is the fuel driving insight and innovation. Yet, most data is stored in silos—fragmented and out of reach of analytics and AI applications. Some data is stored in data warehouses, and some is lost in data lakes. The unification of data is broken, and the velocity of data crippled. So why is it so hard for storage systems to unify data on a single platform? The problem is that each application has different requirements for its data—thus, the proliferation of data silos.

A data hub is designed on first principles not only to store data but also to unify and deliver data. Unifying data means that the same data can be accessed by multiple applications at the same time with full data integrity. Delivering data means each application has the full performance of data access that it requires at the speed of today’s business. Data hubs shatter legacy infrastructure barriers where applications are given their own silos and replicated data sets.

The Benefits of a Data Hub

Common benefits of data hubs include:

  • Consolidation of silos into a single unified interface for all your data
  • High-speed, high-throughput, and high-performance data pipelines
  • Visibility and accessibility across all data
  • A unified data storage management interface

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Why Power Your Data Hub with Pure Storage?

A data hub takes the key strengths of each silo and integrates them into a single unified platform that includes four must-have qualities: high throughput file and object, native scale-out, multidimensional performance, and massively parallel architecture.

Pure Storage® FlashBlade® is the industry’s first data hub. From software to hardware, everything is tuned to deliver on the four essential qualities of a data hub.

FlashBlade is:

  • Built from the ground up to unify file and object
  • Natively architected to scale out
  • Engineered to deliver multidimensional performance for any data
  • Massively parallel from software to hardware
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