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What is AI Infrastructure?

What is AI Infrastructure?

AI infrastructure refers to the technology stack (both hardware and software) needed to build, test, train, and deploy AI-powered apps. From GPUs to scale-out flash to data fabrics, competing in the ever-evolving world of AI requires a continuous investment in the latest data technologies.

Anatomy of an AI Technology Stack

When developing AI-powered applications at the enterprise level, it’s important to have a clear understanding of all the layers that make up your AI infrastructure. Here’s an example of what an AI technology stack might look like:

  • Scale-out file and object protocols (e.g., Pure Storage® Purity//FB)
  • Scale-out flash storage (e.g., Pure Storage FlashBlade®)
  • Deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow
  • Containers (e.g., GPU-optimized Docker)
  • Scale-out GPU compute hardware (e.g., NVIDIA DGX A100 with Tensor Core GPUs

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Why Use AIRI for Your AI Infrastructure?

The process of scaling your AI infrastructure from pilot lab to production can easily turn into a costly and time-consuming exercise in DIY-engineering. You might spend months building racks of GPUs, troubleshooting the bottlenecks of legacy storage systems, and finessing open-source software into commodity hardware.

Pure Storage teamed up with NVIDIA to create AIRI®, the world’s first full-stack AI-ready infrastructure. By combining NVIDIA’s DGX A100 servers with Pure’s FlashBlade arrays, AIRI provides a scalable AI solution that’s big, fast, and efficient.

Core benefits of AIRI include:

  • A single integrated platform for all AI workloads
  • Massively parallel scale-out processing power with flash storage to match
  • Remote direct memory access (RDMA) fabric for moving big data fast
  • Scalable AI infrastructure that’s easy to set up, upgrade, and manage 

With AIRI, you get an enterprise-ready AI technology stack upon which you can host machine learning algorithms and AI-powered applications.

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