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What Is Evergreen Architecture?

The Pure Storage® Evergreen® architecture delivers the enterprise-grade features, IT agility, and sustainability your organization needs, with the industry’s most flexible and proven storage subscriptions.

Break the IT and resource-limiting cycle of traditional legacy storage offerings. Pure’s Evergreen architecture delivers IT agility and breaks the painful legacy storage process of buy, replace, repeat. Pure’s approach has been part of our DNA from the start and was designed to enable continuous upgrades of storage without disruption or performance impact.

Forklift Upgrades/Limitations of Legacy Storage  

Forklift upgrades are complete overhauls of the IT infrastructure: Old and outdated storage systems are ripped out and replaced with newly purchased technology. The process is complex, wasteful, and time-consuming. Forklift upgrades are driven by architectural incompatibilities between storage generations or limitations in scale-out architectures that can’t add new nodes to existing arrays or clusters. 

How does Pure’s Evergreen architecture provide non-disruptive upgrades? 

Our core design philosophy delivers a modular, software-driven, stateless architecture that was built to be upgraded non-disruptively. Controllers and blades are upgradeable to deliver performance needed to meet modern workloads, with zero impact to operations. With cross-generational compatibility built in, different flash geometries can be mixed within an array, and newer controllers can work seamlessly with older flash modules. This technology is customer-proven across eight hardware generations, over 10 years, and with more than 10,000 controller upgrades.

How is Evergreen architecture different from other storage technologies?

Everything in our system was designed to be upgraded from the bottom up. All systems are tested for backwards compatibility and the ability to upgrade non-disruptively before release. For example, older SAS-based systems (serial attached SCSI) with legacy NVMe flash drives can be mixed with newer generation drives on the same array. Similarly newer controllers are tested to work with older flash drives. This means no “surprises” when it’s time to upgrade controllers, and only controllers need to be upgraded—nothing else needs to be replaced or repurchased.

What Evergreen Architecture Delivers to Customers

Something magical happens when you know you can upgrade your existing data storage infrastructure indefinitely, without downtime or disruption—in other words, with peace of mind.

Disruption-free Upgrades

Always-on Availability

Environmental Sustainability

Pure Evergreen-architected storage systems can be upgraded without downtimes or disruption, giving you uninterrupted access to critical applications.

An always-modern storage infrastructure, giving IT teams the agility to quickly respond and stay focused on strategic business objectives.

Proven energy savings and sustainability—Pure Storage products consume up to 84.7% less energy than competitive products.


Learn how global customers are leveraging the Evergreen architecture and Evergreen subscription portfolio to gain IT and operational efficiencies.


Evergreen Subscriptions Portfolio

Customer-proven and comprehensive in design, Evergreen architecture is the foundation of our Evergreen subscriptions portfolio, including:

  • The Most Comprehensive Data Storage SubscriptionsThe Pure Storage® Evergreen™ subscription portfolio offers unequaled choice and flexibility in how you purchase and consume storage. All based on the proven, non-disruptive Evergreen architecture.
  • Evergreen//One™: We’ve extended this as-a-service portfolio leadership with a fully Pure-managed storage subscription. Evergreen//One provides a single storage service for your data. Gain the economics of public cloud along with the security and resilience of on premises. Subscribe to the capacity, performance, and service level you need—when you need it, and where you need it.
  • Evergreen//Flex™: Customers can realize immediate benefits with a lower initial purchase expense. Match expense to resource use more closely with a pay-as-you-go subscription. Scale up quickly and shift capacity where needed to meet sudden changes in workload or user demand
  • Evergreen//Forever™: The industry’s first ownership subscription gives you IT agility without disruption or rebuys. Combining a traditional storage purchase with a subscription to continuous software and hardware upgrades, it’s the industry’s number one customer-proven way to buy your storage once and run it virtually forever.

Evergreen subscriptions uncomplicate data storage infrastructure for our customers by bringing the agility of the cloud operating model on premises. Over 50% of the Fortune 500 leverage Pure’s Evergreen architecture solutions, and over 10,000 unique controller upgrades have been completed successfully for customers. Controller upgrades take literally minutes—all completed non-disruptively, with near-zero burden for IT, and no impact to critical enterprise workloads/applications.






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