OpenStack 雲端,由 Pure 提供支援

一次搞定:利用 Pure 的全快閃 OpenStack 解決方案,簡化 OpenStack 部署、縮短整合所花費的時間,並提高儲存效率和速度。

簡化您的 OpenStack 儲存設備

現在您可以用更快速輕鬆的方式在 Pure Storage 上部署 OpenStack。最新的 Pure Storage Cinder 驅動程式 (包含在 OpenStack 核心發行版本中) 隨附於 Juno、Kilo以及後續 OpenStack 發行版本中。我們的驅動程式有助於加速整合,並讓您的雲端部署更簡單、迅速且更富彈性。

Simplify Your OpenStack Data Storage with Pure

Python Automation Toolkit

Take advantage of advanced storage features such as snapshots, replication, and capacity management for your OpenStack deployment. The Pure Storage Python™ Automation Toolkit is a pre-built open source library that extends functionality beyond that of Cinder and makes advanced storage integration faster and easier.

RESTful API: Complete Access

For full customization and access to 100% of FlashArray’s advanced storage features, our comprehensive REST API allows you to automate FlashArray management in OpenStack and other cloud environments. This foundational API is fully documented and ships with every Pure Storage system.


Pure Storage is certified with Red Hat® OpenStack Platform versions 9, 10, and 11 to provide external Cinder block storage for Nova instances. All Cinder features, such as consistency groups, snapshots, and replication, are supported.

IBM PowerVC Virtualization Center

Pure Storage can be easily integrated with the IBM PowerVC™ OpenStack platform using our Fibre Channel-based Cinder driver – allowing your Pure Storage FlashArray to provide persistent storage in Power-based environments.

Pure Supports OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation

Pure Storage is an OpenStack Foundation Corporate Sponsor and a frequent contributor to the OpenStack community. With integrations dating back to OpenStack Folsom (September, 2012), we’re working to help simplify the use of OpenStack with all-flash storage – and to bring the benefits of FlashArray to your OpenStack cloud.

Mirantis delivers OpenStack infrastructure at scale

Pure Storage has developed a certified Mirantis Fuel plug-in, as well as a Reference Architecture detailing architectural considerations, best practices and deployment methodologies to create a highly available Mirantis OpenStack cloud using Pure Storage FlashArray.

“It just stays up.”
The Nielsen Company
Alex Patent, Global VP
“It helped us solve the problem of scale.”
Neil Pinto, Senior Director
“Pure Storage has turned storage on its head.”
Investec Asset Management
Dave Comben, Head of IT



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