Electronic Design Automation

Accelerate Your EDA Workflows

Pure’s all-flash storage delivers the performance to handle your high concurrency semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) workloads of today while being able to drive tomorrow’s next generation chip designs.

Storage for All Your EDA Chip Development Workloads

Eliminate Semiconductor Design Bottlenecks

Modern EDA chip development workflows demand high-performance storage that can serve thousands of powerful servers and extremely fast networks in all dimensions of concurrency—throughput, IOPS, latency, fast deletes, and capacity—to eliminate bottlenecks that slow data access.

Best-of-Breed Performance

Pure FlashBlade//S™ accelerates EDA workflow completion times significantly, reducing licencing costs and cutting your time to market. Linear scaling maintains performance up to 9PB of effective capacity in a single namespace.

Innovative Architecture

Get consistent, multi-dimensional performance to meet job demands of high concurrency and parallelism. FlashBlade uniquely performs with extensive sets of small files and metadata, as well as huge multi-GB or TB files.

Faster Workflows

Gain the performance you need for verification logic design workflows—comprised of hundreds of millions of files—that demand very high metadata, read, write, and delete capabilities.

Simple to Use

With a compact 4U form factor that easily scales out performance and capacity just by adding blades, cloud-based management, and Pure1 Support, storage doesn’t get any simpler.

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Gary Collier

What is electronic design automation?

Electronic design automation (EDA) is a category of software tools for designing digital circuits, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), integrated chips (ICs), and other electronic systems.

People also ask:

1. What are the common data storage challenges of maintaining EDA workloads?

Chipmakers have been cramming higher complexity into smaller form factors for decades, in a bid to remain competitive and keep pace with Moore’s Law. But as chips grow in capability and complexity, so do the EDA workloads needed to bring them to life. Manufacturers need data storage that is big, fast, and highly concurrent at scale. Common data storage challenges of powering EDA workloads include:

  • Siloed data warehouses make it difficult to coordinate EDA workflows or collaborate remotely on engineering drawings.
  • Storage and compute bottlenecks for RTL simulations.
  • Implementing an agile storage solution capable of managing millions of small files each with their own heavy metadata descriptions, as well as large files of GB or even TB size.

2. How does Pure simplify data storage for EDA workloads?

Pure’s all-flash storage boasts a number of hardware and software features that make data storage simple, seamless, and sustainable.

These features include:

  • Evergreen™ storage architecture enables truly non-disruptive upgrades without the need for data migrations or downtimes.
  • AI-powered analytics that catch issues before they occur and recommend solutions for preventing them with Pure1 Meta®.
  • Unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage that can power your most demanding EDA workloads, including RTL simulation, with FlashBlade.

3. How does FlashBlade accelerate the EDA cycle?

FlashBlade is a UFFO storage platform that scales-out non-disruptively with your storage needs. FlashBlade is designed from the bottom-up to meet the high-concurrency requirements of semiconductor and EDA workloads, including build and RTL regressions. It combines file and object storage protocols with the low latency, massive parallelism, and high throughput capabilities of enterprise all flash storage.

UFFO storage is a new category of data storage that consolidates two traditionally separate storage paradigms—file and object storage—into one performant data solution. It enables you to replace a siloed collection of data warehouses, network-attached storage (NAS) devices, and direct-attached storage (DAS) devices with a single scale-out storage solution that delivers multidimensional performance at scale.


Demonstrate a flexible way with Azure to leverage cloud-adjacent architecture for EDA workloads.

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