Accelerate Your EDA Workflows

Powering next-generation chip design requires EDA solutions with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and simplicity. Which is why we created the FlashBlade™ array.

The Semiconductor Design Bottleneck

Leveraging thousands of powerful servers and extremely fast networks to access data for chip development, modern EDA workflows demand storage with much higher performance in all dimensions of concurrency – including throughput, IOPS, latency, fast deletes, and capacity – than legacy storage architectures are capable of providing.

Storage for Modern EDA Workflows

Enter FlashBlade

Delivering best-of-breed performance, the FlashBlade array accelerates EDA workflow completion times by 25% – which reduces licensing costs and slashes your time to market.

FlashBlade Accelerates EDA Workflows

Innovative Architecture

FlashBlade provides consistent, multi-dimensional performance in concurrency – including IOPS, throughput, and latency – and can handle large volumes of data access from 1000s of users.

Fast Build/Simulation

Verification logic design workflows comprise 100s of millions of files and demand very high metadata, read, write, and delete capabilities. FlashBlade performance delivers.

Simplicity of Use

A compact 4U form factor scales out performance and capacity easily just by adding blades. Cloud-based management and Pure1 Support means there's almost nothing you need to do.

FlashBlade File Migration Services

Accelerate FlashBlade ROI by moving the highest-priority data safely. Delivered by experienced professionals. Tested against the most demanding datasets.

Successfully Manage Digital Assets as you “Shift Left"

A successful transition from a sequential development process to an agile and parallel development model requires software control management (SCM) and infrastructure that can handle exponential data growth, support faster processing times, and help manage the high number of digital assets and artifacts used during SoC design and development.

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