Everything in One

Put all your apps on FlashArray//M and accelerate. //M offers the best value for general purpose consolidation – and it’s effortless, efficient, and evergreen.

FlashArray Has Led the Field

Gartner’s 2016 Critical Capabilities for Solid-State Arrays report gives FlashArray//M the highest ranking in 3 of 5 use-cases: Online Transaction Processing, Server Virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Alongside the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant ranking of Pure Storage as a market leader for the third straight year, there’s no more in-depth confirmation of real-world storage performance.

Powered by Purity

FlashArray//M is powered by software natively built to capitalize on flash: Purity Operating Environment delivers Tier 1 data services to all workloads, with 99.9999% availability, non-disruptive operations, and data reduction that’s typically 2x better than the competition. QoS, encryption, and more are built-in.

//M is Effortless

FlashArray//M just works, period. In its first year of shipments, //M delivered 99.9999% availability – inclusive of non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance. That means your data is always-on, always-fast, and always-secure. One hour install is plug-n-play simple with an array that manages itself. And //M is cloud-connected, with unrivalled predictive support, and powerful analytics and protection. If //M needs your attention, your smartphone will let you know.

//M is Efficient

FlashArray//M simply does more, with zero compromise. Consolidate all your applications on 10x less power, cooling, space – and cost, since our industry-leading data reduction means you’ll buy a lot less storage, today and as you expand. Get end-to-end encryption, always-on QoS, snapshots and replication, and more. The platform is fully automatable and data services are built-in – bringing cloud-like agility to your IT.

//M is Evergreen

FlashArray//M is the only storage that gets better with age. Sharing exactly the same chassis as the new FlashArray//X, //M is DirectFlash- and NVMe-ready. In fact, //M is just a seamless, non-disruptive upgrade away from //X. It’s all part of Evergreen Storage, our revolutionary ownership model that, like SaaS, delivers continuous innovations in software and hardware to you with no forklift upgrades, and no data migrations.

"A highly available and reliable storage solution"
Dan McCormick, COO
"We’re using about one-tenth of the power with Pure Storage."
Justin Ainsworth, Manager
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
"We changed our strategy to go to an all-flash data center."
Alex Patent, Global VP
The Nielsen Company

FlashArray for Every Need and Budget

FlashArray has a solution for every IT need – from the entry-level //M10 to the 100% NVMe, DirectFlash-enabled 1PB //X70. Start anywhere and non-disruptively upgrade capacity and performance as needed. You can’t go wrong – every FlashArray is Evergreen.

Hardware and Software Designed as One

Hardware and software designed together to deliver breakthroughs in performance, scalability, simplicity, and agility. Explore the innovation of FlashArray//M.

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