Davies Collison Cave Turns to Pure Storage to Achieve Growth

Business Transformation

  • Employee efficiency was increased by 60 per cent by removing application and backup delays, so time and resources are deployed back into strategic business initiatives. Less time is spent on applying operating system patches to virtual servers, and staff complaints have declined sharply.

IT Transformation

  • Significant increase in system speed delivers greater efficiency and productivity.
  • With improved data access, search time was reduced from 12 seconds to three seconds per search.
  • Case searches conducted at least 50 times per day were reduced from 16.5 seconds to seven seconds per search.
  • Application response times were reduced from 24 to 13 seconds per application, and data storage sped up from 7.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds per file.
  • Physical rack space was reduced by 15%.
  • Implementation was very quick; physical installation took only two hours.
“Storage is no longer a problem. Pure Storage has eliminated the painful task of ensuring that backup doesn’t impact user experience.”
Dennis Wong, Technical Director at Huon IT



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