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Meet Our People

June Chui

Human Resources Director, Asia-Pacific

Last year, the Pure Storage team grew approximately 40% worldwide, with even higher growth in the Asia-Pacific region. For June Chui, it’s an exciting opportunity to support employees across 11 countries in five distinct cultures.

"The opportunity to come to Pure and build something new was exciting."

Why is now an exciting time to join Pure Storage?

June: Pure is like a teenager: Our product is the best in the industry, and now we get to decide who we want to be as we grow up. As our products develop into a broader ecosystem, our culture is also evolving. We’re not a startup anymore, but we prioritize maintaining that same spirit and agility.

For someone coming from a larger company, it might be an adjustment to wear multiple hats. But that also means you get the opportunity to literally write the playbook. You get the satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to life. Your contribution isn’t diluted the way it would be on a bigger team.

Why did you join Pure and how has your role evolved?

June: The big reason for me was growth. The opportunity to come to Pure and build something new was exciting. I remember a couple of months after I started, our CEO listed international growth as one of his top priorities. I was like, “Yes!”

The team here has made a big difference. We have a mindset of, “Let’s just do it. Let’s work on this together.” This year is also going to be huge, and we’re scaling our team to match company growth. We’re absolutely moving in the right direction.

How would you describe the culture of Pure?

June: Everyone comes in and does what needs to be done. It’s a mentality you don’t always see in larger organizations. I’m based in the Singapore office, and there were only about 30 of us when I joined. The engineers would change the light bulbs. We all help each other out.

APJ is interesting because each of the 11 countries we’re in is unique and there are at least five distinct cultures to navigate. I make it a point to build strong relationships in every location. You want to tap into multiple viewpoints as you’re making decisions.

How have you made an impact at Pure?

June: I like to think I have been a voice for the employees in our region. I try to bring an HR perspective to decisions in APJ and an APJ perspective to decisions in HR. My U.S. colleagues have told me I’ve helped them understand how their work impacts people outside the States, and they appreciate that. We always make sure we take global perspectives into account in decision making, which is critical as we continue to scale globally.

Pure is a place where people “run toward a challenge.” What challenges are you running toward?

June: We’re working on operating for today and building for tomorrow. As we build up the HR Operations team, we’re automating processes and resources so employees can find answers on their own. That will be useful for me, too. When you’re covering 11 countries, there’s no way to memorize everything.

Our collaboration with Pure headquarters is evolving as well. It’s a journey and we’re taking steps in the right direction every quarter. Ultimately, whether you’re in California, London, Singapore, or somewhere in between, we’re all aligned around the same mission. And that feels good!

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