Rapid Backup and Recovery with Pure Storage ObjectEngine and FlashBlade

White Paper

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Get Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) technical review and evaluation of ObjectEngine and FlashBlade — and see why high-performance data backup and protection is business-critical.

Pure Storage enables a flash-to-flash-to-cloud (F2F2C) approach as the next stage in the evolution of data protection architectures, replacing disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T).

For half of all businesses, 15+ minutes of downtime on high-priority workloads is too much. That’s one reason why many say their top data protection challenge is improving backup and recovery SLAs. If you’re concerned about your organization’s plan, this informative review of ObjectEngine and FlashBlade from ESG will provide:

  • Insight into the challenges enterprises face with data protection and backup
  • Evaluation of backup and recovery performance of Pure Storage ObjectEngine and Pure Storage FlashBlade with Veritas NetBackup