Purity Safeguard

Proactive Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Backup

Safeguard your data and keep your business running without disruption. Rely on Purity's unparalleled data-protection and business-continuity capabilities for disaster recovery and backup.

Comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe. Purity Agile Data Services cover the entire spectrum of business-continuity and disaster-recovery use cases. Space-efficient local and remote snapshots automated by end-to-end protection policies give you the flexibility and confidence to operate worry-free. And Purity ActiveCluster™ provides synchronous multi-site data replication to provide essential business continuity.

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Get Geo-distance Resiliency with ActiveDR™

Purity 6.0 further improves business resiliency with the new ActiveDR™ continuous-replication capability. Purity ActiveDR seamlessly protects application data across almost any distance while minimizing both recovery points and recovery times. With single-command failover, intelligent failback, and non-disruptive disaster recovery testing, ActiveDR accelerates your responsiveness to outages. Simplifying disaster recovery and testing without stopping replication means you can test more often and have more confidence in your business-resilience capabilities.

Deliver Effortless Business Continuity with ActiveCluster

Purity natively includes business continuity so you can effortlessly and affordably achieve new levels of data availability across racks, data centers, or metro regions without additional hardware. ActiveCluster uses synchronous replication and a symmetric active-active design to automatically integrate with host multi-path and cluster software. It delivers zero RPO and zero RTO by automatically failing over without user intervention. You can use Pure1® Cloud Mediator Service so you don’t need a third site to mediate failovers. Or you can deploy a mediator on-premises at a location you choose.

Like ActiveDR, ActiveCluster uses storage containers called pods that reduce storage management overhead. With pod-based ActiveCluster replication, the same pod exists simultaneously on both arrays. Any configuration changes you make—adding new volumes, increasing volume size, creating snapshots, applying volume QoS limits, and more—occur simultaneously on both arrays. There is no additional hardware or software to install or configure and no licenses to purchase. Setup takes just minutes, but the peace of mind is endless.

Automate DR with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

When disaster strikes your VMware infrastructure, you need to get up and running immediately. In addition to ActiveDR continuous replication and near-zero RPO, Purity integration with VMware SRM lets your automation software orchestrate application recovery and mobility across sites. You can apply automated orchestration workflows to failover, migration, and failback. With VMware SRM, virtualisation admins can centralize recovery plans for thousands of VMs to streamline disaster recovery and perform non-disruptive recovery testing.

Expand Backup Options to the Cloud

Looking to increase cloud adoption without adding management complexity? Pure Cloud Block Store™ protects your cloud data with quick restores for low RTO and RPO, plus compliance monitoring and longer-term backup for volume-level restores. And Purity CloudSnap™ provides effortless built-in cloud-based data protection for off-premises flexibility, longer-term retention, multiple recovery scenarios, and lower costs.

Simplify Backup and Restore

Now, your backup process is as simple as creating a snapshot schedule from the FlashArray™ GUI and choosing FlashBlade®, another NFS device, or an Amazon S3 target. That’s it. To restore, simply select any snapshot. You can even perform VM-level backups and restores with vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols) integration in FlashArray.

CloudSnap is built into the Purity storage operating system and included with your Evergreen Storage subscription. No additional licenses, software, or hardware are required.

Enjoy Continuous Operations

Regardless of your industry, your data must always be available, performing, and protected—without performance loss. Purity is proven to deliver 99.9999% availability for FlashArray, inclusive of maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades. That’s resiliency that never quits.

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