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What's Next for Pure1

Pure1 has delivered many features that make your lives easier and helped kick off a new breed of monitoring and management tools. In this session we will take a look at how we're growing these features beyond what you can do today, but also how we're taking Pure1 into a new direction with capabilities that will change how you manage your infrastructure.
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Mm Hi everyone. Welcome to the Pure one session at Accelerate Tech Fest 22 Today we're gonna be talking about what's next for pure one. I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with what pure one has been doing in the past but we're changing direction a little bit and we're going to bring a lot more value to you and your experience working with our products.
My name is stan units key. I'm a product manager for DX and with me is Mukesh. Hi Everybody and Welcome to X. 2022. My name is Mukesh Mukesh Ambani. I'm also a product manager here at the X. My primary focus is data protection and rampant remediation but I'll be talking about lots of other exciting features that we really think that as dan mentioned right and we'll get into
that detail a little bit in a later section of our agenda. But in the beginning I wanted to talk about the digital experience and what that means to pier one. We're gonna talk about recommendations and how we're bringing that recommendation out to you on, especially on the topics of sustainability and we're gonna hand it off to Mukesh for the Data protection Assessment.
Pure One Edge Services which is an amazing new feature that I'm sure you'll love to hear about that powers a lot of other things such as self service upgrade institution. So to kick things off, what do we mean when we say the digital experience? Well Pure One historically has been mostly focused on the monitoring piece and we've now moved into the planning piece. So monitoring,
you've got your typical performance and capacity monitoring, what is mireille doing at any particular point in time? Ah and the planning part. How do I know what my array will be doing in the future? I think you're one does a fantastic job with these two. But we also want to grow how pure 1 uh impacts
your day to day lives. And that's where the second two categories come in the manager and expand category is really the forward looking part of where we are going with our capabilities. That's not to say we're going to stop on the monitoring and planning site. In fact, I'm going to start off with talking about the plan but expanding into the
operational aspect of managing your storage and managing your subscriptions that you have with, not just pas but with evergreen Uh and seeing what all the information that you need to about your subscription and then expanding it or changing it however you need to do in order to make it work specifically for you. That's our goal and that's where we're gonna be going in with the future of pure one.
Historically our recommendations have been a platform where you can go in and you can ask us questions and that's the first thing I'm going to talk about is proactive recommendations. So I believe this is live now and you should be able to come in and get a recommendation from the service catalog on whether or not you're going to be running out of capacity within the
next 90 days. Now there are a couple pieces of this that are you can customize when and where we send, set the notification notification threshold. But you will be able to get this information without having to go in and do the modeling analysis for your arrays. So in this case with these two arrays, Pier one and pier two,
you can see that these are going to be running out of capacity within the next 90 days. And we have a recommendation to expand your capacity on both of them um from 58 to 69 terabytes and from 52 to 74 terabytes on pure 02. So this is the 1st, 1st part of this proactive recommendations project that we're going to be launching and our number one priority with proactive recommendations is to make sure that
we are not spamming you. And so we're starting slow. We're collecting feedback and making sure that we're giving you the proper recommendations. Actionable recommendations about your environment that right when you need it rather than at some point where it's not useful. So this is an exciting portion of the future direction of the workload planner.
Um Getting into the service catalog and you can imagine that as we grow and as we get feedback um we want this to be a two way street. We want you to be able to give us feedback on the recommendations that we give in order to help us improve our recommendations and so on that topic, you'll see that the recommendations and insights portion of it is going to be a major theme of what Mukesh and I are going to be talking about today.
The next part that I'll be touching on is the sustainability report. So this has recently been launched and it's our first GSG report but it basically tells you how pure storage internally and with our products in your environment are doing the best that we can on the technology sustainability front. Our products are fantastic in terms of power utilization, especially when you take into
account the data reduction, the effective cost per watt or terabyte that when you look at that and so the report itself talks about our products but we want to bring that into pure one and let you see how this impacts your specific environment and how that compares to other customers. Obviously those would be anonymous but see how your environment would compare to a similar sized fleet or potential fleet in a similar
vertical just to make sure that you are aware that where you are compared to your peers. So pure storage, right? Um, in the report spoiler we have an 80% reduction in carbon usage compared to other data storage systems and so that's a big part of what we're doing here just with our products alone. But then we want to help you optimize a lot of this.
Right? So on the power saving side we can give you recommendations on potentially a if you upgrade your arrays to a newer model, you might see a certain amount of power savings, which is a pretty big deal. Um, keeping an eye on the greenhouse gas emissions caused by your fleet. Um, and all of this comes in an assessment form. So it comes in and you have a report that gives
you the information that you need about your environment, gives you the insights and recommendations or you can see one uh, there at the bottom. So for example, if you have an end of life model, obviously that's not going to be as efficient in your environment as a more modern model might be. And so that's a big part of what we're doing as a company,
the direction that we're going as a company. And so we wanted to make sure again to bring that right into Pure one, allow you to see exactly what's happening with your fleet and um, that's not the only assessment that we have. So at this point I'll hand it off to Mukesh to talk about the other assessment that's already available in pure one.
Thank you stan yeah. With, with, you know, like you said with complex infrastructures that customers have now, you know, assessments and recommendations is what they really look forward to. Right? And, and just like you said with PTSD assessment, that's not the first assessment.
Data protection assessment is something that we launched late last year and it has been around for more than six months now. The idea behind data protection assessment is to be able to tell you how your fleet is doing from a recovery ability perspective. If you go to the previous slide then I think so. The whole point of this assessment is to assess
your fleet and be able to tell you how well you can recover from things like you know, ransomware attacks without having to pay ransom questions like how much of my data can I recover from human errors or data corruptions human errors like you know, deletion of an accidental delusion of a database table for example or even disasters where your primary entire primary storage array may fail.
You know, can you recover from such disasters or ransomware attacks? That's the point of the data protection assessment. And the way it does that is it looks at your volume's file systems and object across stored across fresh race and flash plates in your fleet and then compares your snapshots, replication and safe more configurations with the best practices that we know of that
actually improve the recall ability after data in such instance and not just that on the next slide, you'll see that our aim is not to stop at assessment but to actually give you actionable insights that will help you improve wreck availability of your data. We do have actionable insights that come from the recommendations that offer capacity and software upgrade recommendations that may be necessary before
you can do appropriate safe mode configurations. You can also look at sizing which is pretty important aspect. You know when you configure for ransom and recovery ability, sizing and additional capacity that you may end up needing is an important aspect and so we help you with sizing for ransom where and safe mode settings.
At the same time you do get detailed reports that will let you look at individual appliance and see it score and assessment but also individual volumes file systems and objects in those detailed reports that will tell you how you can improve posture of those individual volumes file systems from a recovery ability perspective. And our aim is not just you know to stop even at actionable insights.
Eventually we want to help you simplify management from cloud and so we want to be able to help you do active management from the cloud And that's where Pure One edge services comes into picture as stan highlighted earlier. This is one of the exciting features as we pivot uh not just pivot but go forward from monitoring and planning to help you manage your fleet and Pure One Edge Pure One Edge services actually paves the way for
advanced storage management by providing secure bidirectional communication between cloud and your devices that are running on prem with companion agents that are installed on your Flash ray today and Flash blade in the future. And so this Pure one Edge services is now available for all customers. And with that on the next slide you'll see we are enabling three important use cases for our
customers that offer greater operational efficiency. The first one is self service upgrades. This is available now for upgrading security software on your flash arrays. This offers greatest operational efficiency because you can now do software upgrades yourself without having to wait for ah pure technical services to do your software upgrades.
And I'll talk about a little bit more in some of the next slide. The second one is purely optimization which offers far greater operational efficiency to you as a customer by empowering you to set system to enable to yourself and not have debate for pure technical services to help you out again, you know, this is one of those cases where you can set it yourself and then be able to manage
it yourself as well. And last but not least on the left, you see Pure Fusion which is a product that is being launched by Pure. It offers uh it offers abilities to customers that allows them to enable, allows them to actually operate their data centers in a cloud like
fashion and offer stories as a code to their consumers which are typically the business application developers within the organization and in the near future we will continue to add use cases that have more and more a fleet management offerings from, from Pure and I wanted to just add on the purity optimization side. I think a lot of people have gotten a little taste of what that can do with.
I'm sure everybody is familiar with the log four J patch and Pure one was instrumental in allowing us to roll out that patch in an efficient way to a lot of our customers and so that that is kind of the just the beginning of where that goes. Great points and you know, it highlights how how efficient these use cases can make the customer's operational efficient, but when it comes to operating from
the cloud or management from the cloud, uh security is one of the major concerns that customers have and we haven't forgotten about it. In fact, security has been at the forefront of Pure one at services. And we've actually bolstered security on three all three fronts, you know, for applications that are running in the cloud but we also have invested enough on
securing the bidirectional communication channel between the cloud and on prem where the devices are running at the same time. Devices also have ways and means by which you can actually secure the device such that only some devices can be managed through the cloud and not all right, so security is at the forefront and we're doing everything to make you comfortable as a customer and have that confidence of managing your fleet Through Pure
one that's running in the cloud security white papers are available for both Pure One edge services as well as individual use cases that have enabled. All right. So let's move on and you know, speaking of operational efficiency, let's talk about self service upgrades. And this is a feature that we launched along with flash array,
purity software, 63 oh That from pure one. Now, customers can actually upgrade purity software on their flash arrays through Pure One And it's done in four easy steps. You have the ability to run readiness pre checks in the cloud before you do anything. We run these pre checks based on the call home data that we already have available.
And then you go on to the next step of downloading the software and then running on her L jacks and then finally, you know, upgrade your a race with a with a click of a button. So it's a pretty simplified process of four easy steps And it actually, it's a pretty intuitive user experience through the dashboard. You can also view your entire fleet and its capabilities and its readiness from an upgrade
perspective. So a clean dashboard helps you manage your security software upgrades across your fleet. And it also comes with the confidence that Pure technical services are standing by in case you need help if you want to learn more about self service upgrades. We do have a session separate session available here at Pure Exploration 2022.
So peter please go check it out there and that brings us to the next one which is fusion and this is the last feature we're going to be talking about today. Pure Fusion actually brings infinite scale out storage model that unifies are raised and optimizes storage pools on the fly bringing simplicity of cloud operating model as I highlighted earlier with on demand consumption
and back and provisioning and users will be able to rapidly consume volumes, file systems and advanced data services like replication without waiting for back and manual work or and eventually making hardware truly invisible for the end users with fusion organizations will be able to scale up seamlessly powerful Pure family including flash arrays today. And then flash played cloud block store and
court works in future taking performance density and data availability to the new level. Uh what I want to highlight here in context of Pure One is Pure fusion comes with fast control plane which is running in the cloud and Pure One is also the graphical user interface for fusion. So all active management for fusion from a global perspective happens through Pure One and Pure One edge services is the secure
bidirectional communication between the cloud and the devices that are running on premises data centers. Again, if you want to learn more about pure fusion, We have a session available here at pure exploit 2022. So please go check that one out, and that brings us to the end of this session. It has been great having you here at Pure X.
2022 and enjoy the rest of your state.
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