Meet the New FlashArray//m

Transform everything. Without having to change everything.

Flash Array//m

The speed and scale to transform your data center, cloud, or entire business.

Mini Size

Consolidate into 3U without sacrificing anything.

Flash Array//m - front bezel

Get up to 120 TB usable in just 3U.

Use less power than a toaster oven.

Connect with just six cables.

The //m story

Flash software and hardware innovation, finally
engineered together as one.

//m is NOT for Magic!

It may seem too good to be true. But it’s incredibly real.

//m Deep Dive

Explore the mini size and modular scale of FlashArray//m in depth.

Modular Scale

Three controller choices for scaling performance and capacity.

Flash Array versions

Data storage array that grows with your business. Scale from a single application to a consolidated cloud.

* Assumes 5-to-1 data reduction and all overhead for RAID-3D and flash management. Actual usable capacity could be higher at higher data reduction rates.

Evergreen Storage stays forklift-free for generations.

Add performance or capacity independently. No disruptive upgrades, no downtime, and no data migration.

Flash Array versions
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A Modular, Chassis-based Design

Flash appliance density, without the appliance compromises.

Flash Array//m front exposed

//m Chassis

PCIe/NVMe and 12 Gb/s SAS fabrics

7-10 year lifespan

NV-RAM Modules

2 or 4 HA


Flash Modules

20 in base chassis

512 GB, 1TB or 2TB

//m Front

Flash Array//m front exposed

Controller Modules

2 HA Controllers

m20, m50, or m70

Expansion Shelves

Up to 4 shelves

12 or 24TB

IO Modules

6 slots

8 / 16G FC or 10GbE

2x 10GbE onboard

//m Rear

Explore //m Modules in more depth ›

Mighty Performance

Power that performs in the most important benchmark—the real world.








15 TBs/U

40 TBs/U




14 W/TB

6 W/TB


Power Usage

FlashArray 400 Series

Note: Comparing maximum configurations of a FA-450-70TB to a //m70‑136TB
All specifications preliminary until GA shipment.

Optimized for real-world, mixed-IO performance.

Pure Storage has optimized the All Flash Array for the real world, not the 4K vanity benchmark.

Optimized for real world

Pure Storage implements a variable internal block size, meaning that IOs ranging from 512bytes to 128K are all processed as “one IO” inside Purity

Competitive 4K-aligned flash appliances break-up all incoming IO into 4K chunks, yielding a linear drop-off in performance with IO size. 1 64K IO = 16 4K IOs

The industry commonly markets a 4K IOPS benchmark to make numbers look high, but real-world environments are dominated by IO sizes of 32K or larger.

Meaningful Simplicity

Simplify with no migrations, no downtime, and full performance that’s always available.

Pure Storage Flash Array//m

Appliance-Like Deployment

  • One chassis to rack
  • No data migration
  • All software included
  • No bolt-on controllers or management


  • Apps, DBs, and VDI in one
  • Variable-size metadata
  • No tuning for different applications
  • 2X better data reduction


  • 100% performance through failure
  • 100% performance through upgrades
  • Online replacement of all parts
  • Cloud-based management & support