The Ultimate Storage for VDI

Successful VDI requires a high performance storage system to keep users productive and happy. VDI provides the ‘perfect storm’ of challenging IO, presenting 100s of 1000s of IOPs and a heavy write-dominated IO mix. Ever-increasing demand on legacy disk and hybrid storage results in poor user experience, complexity, and disruption. Pure Storage® all-flash solutions fix these problems and more: fast, resilient and easily scalable all-flash VDI performance, zero disruptions through faults and maintenance, lower cost than disk, and simple setup and management. What are you waiting for?


Forrester details the many business benefits St Luke's achieved with all flash Pure Storage for their VDI environment – including 234% ROI in only 3 months.

Round the Clock Productivity

Ensure your users are productive whenever they work. Eliminate the problem of IO variability. No more worrying about boot storms, login storms, anti-virus scanning, and overnight maintenance. In addition to VDI, deliver the performance, efficiency and resilience to consolidate multiple Tier-1 workloads, keeping users productive across multiple mission critical applications.

>10 to 1 data reduction for VDI. Really.

Pure Storage offers powerful deduplication and compression across all workloads. The savings is particularly notable with VDI, where we often achieve >10 to 1 data reduction. That results in all-flash VDI that's cheaper than disk or hybrid disk/flash solutions – without the performance compromise of disk.

Persistent or Non-Persistent – Same Performance

Many storage array architectures rely on non-persistent or floating desktops to make VDI economical, but a persistent or dedicated desktop world is becoming increasingly common. Mix and match freely between both desktops types on Pure Storage – the data reduction and performance is the same.

One Architecture from Pilot to Full-Scale Deployment

Many VDI pilots work well – until it's time to scale-up the deployment and move into production. That’s where deployments often hit performance walls. Pure Storage scales seamlessly from pilot to thousands of users, all with non-disruptive operations through faults, maintenance and capacity expansion.

Red Hawk Casino Wins

Pure Storage for VDI with VMware View helped Red Hawk achieve 20:1 data reduction and reduced latency to sub-ms, even under heavy load. Fast system response times meant better guest experiences and higher satisfaction.

Judson School Benefits

The speed and resilience of an all-flash array from Pure Storage for Citrix XenDesktop means teachers spend 33% more time educating, and students learn more, every day, at Judson Independent School District.

ServiceSource Saves

ServiceSource deployed VDI globally with Pure Storage, in less than 3 hours. Data reduction levels of up to 12:1 meant much lower capex. ServiceSource now plans to have the entire enterprise on virtual desktops by the end of the year.

"From a user perspective, it means no more slowdowns. As for general user complaints about sluggish response, you just don’t see that with Pure."
Mathew Morgan, VP of Information Technology
Red Hawk Casino
"We put the Pure Storage array into a production environment in one of our biggest schools. The end-user experience improved dramatically."
Steve Young, CTO
Judson Independent School District
"Employees are even telling me that their virtual desktop performs much better than their old physical desktop."
Mateo Lee, Senior Director of IT Operations
Service Source

Do It All, 10x Faster

Pure Storage not only makes the end-user VDI experience faster, it makes the VDI administrator experience faster. How much more productive would you be if every VDI maintenance task were completed in 5x – 10x less time? Breeze through new desktop deployments, desktop moves to balance infrastructure, image recomposition, patching and maintenance work, and do it all without disruption.

Array-Based VM Cloning Accelerates VDI Provisioning

Deploy hundreds to thousands of VDI desktops in minutes, with our array-based VM cloning coupled with VMware vSphere VAAI xCopy API. Our clones are created in metadata, so virtually no incremental IO is required. This means faster and more efficient clone builds and faster desktop provisioning. In addition, clones are pre-deduped as a metadata-only operation, allowing Pure Storage to support more desktops per array.

Whatever You Choose, We'll Accelerate It

Our goal is to accelerate and support your choice of VDI. We've worked closely with VMware and Citrix to ensure you get speed and resiliency regardless of platform. Pure Storage is a Horizon Fast Track 2.0 partner offering Validated Reference Architectures and Proven Storage for VMware virtual desktops. Pure Storage is also a Citrix Ready Premier Partner and provides tested reference architectures and sizing guides to streamline mobile workspace solution design and deployment.

A Complete Solution for VDI

Looking for a converged infrastructure solution for VDI? FlashStack Converged Infrastructure delivers all-flash speed and resiliency for all your workloads and simple, rapid deployments that are easy to manage. Scale seamlessly as your business grows. Fully tested, fully customizable, and fully supported.

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