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Meeta Saggi

Software Engineer

Meeta Saggi has been awed and inspired by the drive that Women@Pure have shown since joining the Engineering team in 2018 - from establishing NerdyGirl, the engineering chapter of W@P, to opening an entire office in Prague, the talented women in technical and leadership roles help her aim higher.

“I don’t have to look far to find role models to identify with at Pure.”

What does it mean to be successful as a woman in technology?

Meeta: It’s a myriad of small things, like stoking the excitement of a newer engineer for the work we do, making an interview candidate feel comfortable enough to give it their best, and being in a meeting with other women engineers where 20 years ago I would have been the only one. Being able to mentor, influence the direction of the business, and set goals and work with others to achieve them have all become measures of success to me.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Meeta: Working closely with hardware has always been a special passion of mine. Having great team members who are similarly excited by the work we do makes it really fun. Along the way, I have learned to both give and receive help from my colleagues in navigating new technical areas. I’ve pushed myself to expand my knowledge and make the work as productive and fulfilling as possible for my team.

Have you had any mentors or inspirational women that have had an impact on you?

Meeta: I don’t have to look far to find role models to identify with at Pure. Just being in the midst of talented, able women in technical areas and leadership roles helps me aim higher. I am awed by the success of women who, besides excelling at their engineering jobs, manage to do things like lead NerdyGirl [the engineering chapter of Women@Pure] or set up Pure’s new offices in Prague.

How has your experience with Women@Pure affected your time at Pure?

Meeta: A couple of years ago, Women@Pure gave me the opportunity to attend the Grace Hopper Conference. There, I met incredible, impactful women, who are role models of success in the world of technology. It was an inspiring event, and I think it is especially important for women early in their careers to experience first-hand.

Do you have any advice for women starting in their careers?

Meeta: I was lucky to learn two powerful lessons very early in my career. One: Never leave the table, no matter how unfair or frustrating things get; giving up your spot pretty much guarantees the outcome. Two: We are our harshest critics—no matter how much you feel like you don’t deserve something, the best thing you can do in a moment of recognition is to smile and say thank you.

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