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HOP! takes off with Pure Storage to fuel innovation

Simpler infrastructure and greater performance enables employees to spend more time on innovation.


Paris, 03 July 2019 — Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the data solutions leader that helps innovators build a better world with data, today announced that HOP!, the regional airline of Air France, has chosen Pure’s solutions. The deployment has simplified HOP!’s infrastructure, reducing the time staff spend on storage maintenance, allowing them to focus on innovation and improving products and services.

HOP! needed to replace its legacy storage system which was at the end of its five-year operating cycle and was beginning to hit limitations in terms of size and synchronization. The company opted for a modern storage solution from Pure, offering greater simplicity of management and administration. Following the seamless migration from its old system to Pure's solution, HOP!'s internal stakeholders saw immediate benefits in terms of increased storage capacity, performance and speed gains, as well as greater management simplicity and flexibility of use.

“Flash technology emerged as the most suitable option to meet our needs. Pure quickly distinguished itself from other suppliers thanks to the innovative nature of its solutions and the transparency of its offer,” explained Ludovic Kervella, IT production manager at HOP!. “By offering a storage solution that directly synchronizes two arrays without the need for virtualization or clustering hardware intermediaries, Pure guarantees greater hardware simplicity than its competitors; which was an additional factor in our decision.”

For internal teams, the gain in time has had a qualitative impact, allowing them to reduce production times to put more focus on analysis and optimization. “Volume creation and other elements of storage maintenance used to take up to an hour. Now these tasks take only one or two minutes,” added Kervella. “The same applies to hardware or software upgrades of the arrays during maintenance operations,” he added.

In terms of other benefits, HOP! has seen the footprint of its storage system decrease from 29U to only 3U, while at the same time seeing an increase in its effective storage volume from 60TB to 100TB, representing a huge gain. In addition, Pure delivered a data reduction rate of 5:1, exceeding the expectations of the group. Finally, HOP! saw a 20 percent reduction in backup times and a reduction in energy consumption for its storage.

“We are delighted to support the development of a modern airline such as HOP! by enabling it to guarantee the stability, availability and optimal performance of its applications in a dynamic, demanding and complex environment,” commented Laurent Martini, General Manager for France at Pure Storage. “With all-flash from Pure, HOP! has seen improvements to its performance, storage management, footprint, and energy consumption. We’re excited to see how else we can continue to support it in the future.”


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