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Pure Storage Continues to Raise the Bar on Technology Innovation and Customer Happiness; Introduces Predictive Platform and 3D TLC Memory

Innovations save customers' time and money; flash now below the cost of disk at $1.50/GB

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Nov. 17, 2015 — Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG), the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, today delivers new innovations that dramatically simplify storage ownership. New solutions include: Pure1 Global Insight to revolutionize customer support from “proactive” to “predictive,” Pure1 Capacity Planner, and next-generation 3D TLC NAND flash technology. FlashStack Converged Infrastructure now also includes solutions for Oracle and SAP. With these new advancements, Pure Storage kicks off a new era in storage, transforming IT and businesses to accelerate innovation. Simplicity is at the core of Pure Storage and is the key to exceeding customer expectations and increasing customer loyalty.

“Dealing with legacy IT has become increasingly complex, expensive and painful, silently but insidiously killing productivity and sucking massive amounts of time and money better spent on accelerating innovation,” said Scott Dietzen, CEO, Pure Storage. “We are doing nothing short of re-defining modern storage with simplicity first, and are constantly amazed by what customers are doing with the time and money we’re giving back in the process.”

Pure1 Global Insight: Support that’s not just proactive, it’s predictive

Traditional support is reactive, burdening customers to detect issues and call for support. Pure1 Support redefines the experience, offering, “astonishing,” ultra-proactive support built on a few key principles:

·       An “our problem” mantra: Pure Storage gladly assumes the ownership burden in support, helping solve problems, even if they result from other vendors’ products;

·       Pure Storage initiates most tickets before a customer detects an issue thanks to cloud-based management, support and real-time data, aggregated from 1000s of FlashArrays to automate fault detection;

·       Bypassing Level 1 support: customers always reach live Pure Storage personnel who can help; and

·       Remotely managed upgrades: Pure Storage performs more than 90 percent of upgrades, saving customers’ time that often took away from their after hours or weekend schedules.

New Pure Storage Pure1 Global Insight revolutionizes support, by making it predictive through cloud-based analytics technology. Support personnel can foresee vulnerabilities and pre-emptively protect customers from problems and the risk of potential downtime. Pure1 Global Insight takes real-time diagnostic data across 1000s of arrays to perform automated scans against a library of “fingerprints” to detect vulnerability to known issues, configuration and environmental changes, and performance and capacity anomalies.

A match prompts support to reach out immediately. The solution has already found and prevented issues, ranging from host and switch misconfigurations to cabling errors and other potentially serious problems that could have led to costly downtime for customers. A major US educational institution that recently changed its host-networking configuration, became vulnerable to an issue, and within an hour, Pure1 Global Insight prompted Pure Storage to reach out and bring the customer back to a protected state.

Pure1 Capacity Planner: Helping customers see the future

The Capacity Planner lets customers forecast capacity consumption over time to estimate when they may need more, and identify usage trends to better plan and manage costs. New insight predicts when the array will hit capacity, reducing associated risks.

Storage management is key to effective flash deployment, and Pure1 removes decades of complexity from the legacy management model. Gone are the days when IT was stuck in the office managing storage; Pure1 lets customers monitor their global fleet of arrays from anywhere in the world. Since the launch of Pure1 in June 2015, there are more than 2000 users on the platform globally across the Pure Storage 1,100+ customer base.

New 3D TLC NAND: Driving the cost of all-flash storage as low as $1.50/usable GB

With the rate of flash innovation, all-flash array architectures need to support rapid adoption, including continuous improvements in NAND flash technology. Pure Storage’s pioneering EvergreenTM Storage does that for the customer, combining software and hardware innovations with investment protection.

Today’s addition of new 3D TLC NAND flash to the FlashArray//m product line, offers 44 terabytes (TB) of raw capacity and lets customers mix-and-match TLC and MLC flash in the same system, to improve density of an existing FlashArray//m system to 60 terabytes per rack unit. Purity FlashCare technology also ensures TLC has the same lifespan and performance as MLC flash. Now, a fully scaled FlashArray//m system costs as low as $1.50/GB with all software included, making all-flash storage reliably cost less than disk for more and more workloads.

Pure Leaderboard: Results that are transforming IT and accelerating businesses

The Pure Leaderboard displays key statistics, like data and latency reduction, which showcase the dramatic impact that Pure technology can have, revealing core differentiators, including:

·       Performance metric currently at 338,311,230 cumulative hours of latency reduced

·       Data reduction and total reduction currently at 5.46:1 and 12.27:1, respectively 

·       Number of successful non-disruptive operations completed is currently at 6,799

·       Data center space reduction at 40,311 rack units saved globally

Reducing data center space, energy consumption and latency lowers the cost of storage ownership while accelerating application response times and business transformation. Pure Storage now shows the world how it’s making a tangible impact.

FlashStack Converged Infrastructure: Now simplifying Oracle and SAP deployments

FlashStack provides a simple, all-flash alternative to legacy converged infrastructure (CI) solutions and today expands to the mission-critical application space with solutions for Oracle and SAP. FlashStack for Oracle consolidates transactional and data warehouse workloads into one CI solution that offloads compression, deduplication, and encryption from the database server, to make data base administrators (DBAs) more efficient. Additionally, FlashStack for SAP provides a 4:1 average data reduction to traditional SAP ERP Landscapes and reduces time spent on common SAP administration tasks by up to 50 percent.


Predictive support, powered by the cloud-based Pure1 Global Insight (GI) is now available to every FlashArray model, Purity Operating Environment version, and support level. Pure Storage will begin shipping the 44TB 3D TLC Expansion Shelf in Q1 2016. Pure1 Capacity Planner is available instantly and at no additional cost to all Pure Storage customers.

Tune in today at 8 a.m. PT to view The Pure Report, a quarterly broadcast featuring the latest innovations from Pure Storage and how it is transforming the storage experience to help customers accelerate their businesses with flash. Coming in spring 2016 is the first annual Pure//Accelerate conference, as disruptive to the tech conference space as Pure Storage is to the datacenter, Pure//Accelerate will bring current and future technology/business leaders together to share in a dialogue about what is possible…for their businesses and for themselves.

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG) accelerates possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s disruptive, software-driven storage technology combined with a customer-friendly business model drives business and IT transformation for customers through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs. Pure Storage FlashArray//m is simpler, faster and more elegant than any other technology in the datacenter. FlashArray //m is ideal for the move toward big data and for performance-intensive workloads such as cloud computing, database systems, desktop virtualization, real-time analytics and server virtualization. With Pure's industry leading NPS score of 79, Pure customers are some of the happiest in the world, and include large and mid-size organizations across a range of industries: cloud-based software and service providers, consumer web, education, energy, financial services, governments, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail and telecommunications. With Pure Storage, companies push the boundaries of what's possible to become faster, smarter and more innovative.

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